Spring Harvest Accommodation Availability

***Due to cancellations there is a fluctuating and very limited number of accommodation units available for Minehead Two. Please call 0330 100 9330 to see what is available.***

The table below gives a rough indication of remaining capacity and was updated on 1st March 2017. We will endeavor to update it as often as possible.

Butlins have lots of some types of units and not much of some other types.  Whilst the most popular accommodation has been booked, as you look down the grid there are still some lines showing green or orange where accommodation is still available.  If you can’t find what you want, it’s worth checking again later. There are usually some changes and returns, especially in January/February.

Don’t miss out – book today to guarantee your place.

There is still some availability on adapted units, please call the resort directly for more information. Minehead: 0330 100 9332 and Skegness: 0330 100 9331.

Space still available at Minehead One and Skegness

Standard Room1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 BerthSold OutSold OutSold Out
Silver Room1,2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 BerthSold OutSold OutSold Out
4 BerthSold OutSold OutLimited
Silver Suite4 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Deluxe Suites2, 4 & 6 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Standard Apartment4 berthAvailableSold OutLimited
6 & 7 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Silver Apartment4 BerthAvailableSold OutLimited
6 BerthSold OutSold OutLimited
7 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Silver Bungalow4 BerthSold OutSold Out-
5 berthSold OutSold Out
6 BerthAvailableSold Out-
7 BerthAvailableSold Out-
Gold Apartment4 BerthLimitedSold OutLimited
5 Berth--Limited
6 BerthSold OutSold OutAvailable
8 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Wisteria Lodge4 BerthLimitedSold Out-
6 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Seaside Apartment4 BerthAvailableSold OutAvailable
6 BerthSold OutSold Out-
West Lakes Chalet4 BerthAvailableSold Out-
6 BerthLimitedSold Out-
8 BerthSold OutSold Out-
Blue Skies Apartment4 BerthLimitedSold Out-
6 BerthAvailableSold Out-
Standard Room1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 BerthSold Out
Silver Room1,2, 3, 5, 6 & 7 BerthSold Out
4 BerthLimited
Silver Suite4 Berth-
Deluxe Suites2, 4 & 6 Berth-
Standard Apartment4 berthLimited
6 & 7 Berth-
Silver Apartment4 BerthLimited
6 BerthLimited
7 Berth-
Silver Bungalow4 Berth-
5 berth
6 Berth-
7 Berth-
Gold Apartment4 BerthLimited
5 BerthLimited
6 BerthAvailable
8 Berth-
Wisteria Lodge4 Berth-
6 Berth-
Seaside Apartment4 BerthAvailable
6 Berth-
West Lakes Chalet4 Berth-
6 Berth-
8 Berth-
Blue Skies Apartment4 Berth-
6 Berth-

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