Bringing a group of friends and church family to Spring Harvest
is rewarding for everybody.

As a Group Organiser we’ll support you throughout the year
via the dedicated advice helpline (01825 769116) and email news.


If you’re looking for ways to spread the word about Spring Harvest, we have a number of resources for you. Newsletter adverts, promo videos, PDF brochure and more.

You can also download an individual and group booking form to help you plan and track your group booking



If your group contains less than 15 people (aged 2 or above) you can book online or over the phone. Groups of 15 or more (aged 2 or above) must book over the phone.

If your group is less than 15 you will need to give your party’s details and pay the deposit at the time of booking. If your group is 15 people or more you will have 14 days to do this.

If you’ve got any questions about your group booking, call the resort teams directly: Skegness: 0330 100 9331 Minehead: 0330 100 93 32.

Book now
or phone
  • Fewer than 15 people:
  • 0330 100 9330
  • More than 15 people and adapted units:
  • 0330 100 9332 (Minehead)
  • 0330 100 9331 (Skegness)


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