Bring a group

Bringing a group of friends and church family to Spring Harvest is really rewarding for everybody - but it can involve quite a bit of planning throughout the year. If you register as a Group Organiser, we'll keep in touch with you throughout the year and support you with the all the preparation.

Why bring a group?

1. Spend quality time with your friends and church family

Coming as a group is a brilliant opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and church members and to learn and relax together. You could also share meals and babysitting!

2. You could make it your Church family holiday

Many churches build into their calendar a trip to Spring Harvest as a family holiday. Why not suggest it to your church leader? There’s a superb ready-made programme waiting for you, so everyone can have a break - pastor, youthworker and children's leaders.

3. Get a free place for every 20 adults!

Get one free place for every 20 full-paying adults (the 21st place is free)! Sponsor someone to come, or share out the discount and put it towards a group meal whilst you're away!

Why register as a Group Organiser?

We know it can be a lot of work planning and paying for a group, but we're here to help. Sign up to our Group Organisers' Partnership and we'll give you:

  • Dedicated advice helpline - 01825 769116
  • Promo materials - ideas for how to promote the event at church
  • Posters, brochures and a promotional DVD
  • Dedicated email news for Group Organisers

» Request a Group Organisers' pack in the post



Group Payments

Handling the money

This is possibly the most challenging aspect of being a Group Organiser. For your peace of mind, it is important that you are able to address any issues you have in this area.

One of the best ways of dealing with this is to establish an accounting system which suits your needs and the needs of your Group. You may want to consider opening a specific bank account (or using your church account) which will help to avoid any confusion in accounting.

You'll then receive regular statements which will serve to confirm your own record-keeping. Also, by having a specific Spring Harvest account, your Group members can spread their payments by setting up standing orders to deposit a set amount on a regular, eg monthly, basis. This will ensure that the majority of the final payments have been collected well in advance of the due date.

Many of the large Groups find that the interest accrued on this account is a significant sum and could be used towards buying programmes once you are on site. We also recommend that two people are responsible for managing financial matters to protect both you and your Group.

Communicating with your Group

It is important to communicate with your Group regularly to keep them up to date with vital information. This information includes:

  • The individual cost of their holiday at Spring Harvest
  • Their payment plan, including deposit due, final payment sum and costs involved should they wish to make any changes to their booking.

Unforeseen circumstances

Some of our Group Organisers add an extra charge to initial deposits to cover the cost of amending details. If the money is not subsequently used for this purpose, it can be used in several ways. Past suggestions include:

  • Buying Programme Planners at the Event
  • Contributing to a Group meal at the Event
  • Covering any additional administration costs such as bank charges, photocopying, etc.
  • Subsidising places

Please ensure that if you decide to do this that you communicate this to your Group, including detailing what the money will be used for and also that it is non-refundable.

All year round

Remember, all enquiries relating to your Butlins booking need to be made through you as the Group Organiser.