Carbon Offsetting

After Spring Harvest you'll hopefully return home inspired to impact your community and your friends, but bringing so many people together for an event inevitably has an impact on the environment - especially as thousands of people journey to Minehead and Skegness.

Why not offset the carbon used in your journey to Spring Harvest?

Wouldn't it be good to know you've played your part in reducing the impact your journey will have on the environment?

» Offset your carbon here

You could help make a big difference in a small way...

We’ve teamed up with Climate Stewards (part of A Rocha Christian conservation charity) so that you can carbon offset your journey to Spring Harvest.

Ruth Valerio says,

"I'm thrilled that guests can now offset their travel through Spring Harvest and Climate Stewards joining together in this way. I know that the money raised will have a direct impact on the people and the land of Ghana and want to encourage everyone who goes to Spring Harvest to make the most of this opportunity."

Ruth is an author and co-ordinator of A Rocha's Living Lightly project. She is a member of the Spring Harvest Theme Group.

Calculating the carbon for your journey

Climate Stewards' website will help you calculate how much carbon your car journey to Spring Harvest will emit, and will suggest how much your should donate to off-set it. You may be surprised how little it costs for such a significant difference and donations start at just £2.

Donate to plant a new forest in Ghana

The funds raised from carbon offsetting at Spring Harvest will be used to plant a new forest in Ghana. The trees planted will protect farmland from erosion, provide habitat for wildlife and, as they grow, absorb carbon dioxide - a main cause of climate change.