If you have questions which aren't answered elsewhere on the site - see our FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) below.
Accommodation: Can I share accommodation with friends who are volunteering?
We try hard to accommodate you together, although we can't guarantee that you will be sharing with your friends. If you come in a mixed sex group we will accommodate you in single sex chalets. Please include the names of your friends and family who are on Team when you complete your mySpringHarvest application look for the "Sharing Preferences" section when you provide information about accommodation. If you are a married couple on team, we will always accommodate you together in a room, sharing a chalet with other volunteers. Accommodation is allocated prior to the Event in accordance with the information you have provided. We will try our best to fulfil your accommodation requests but cannot guarantee this. Any concerns please contact your Team Administrator. Please note that you should be prepared to share a room not just a chalet Please note: We cannot provide specific details of your accommodation prior to the Event as this is subject to change. You will receive details when you arrive for Team Registration.
Bed linen: Do I need to bring bedding or towels?
Butlins provide all bedding but you'll need to bring a towel and maybe another one for swimming.
Dates: How soon can I volunteer?
Doors open to new applicants in September the year before the Event. You can submit your contact details and your choice of team any time. We will create a mySpringHarvest profile for you and send you an email with your personalised log-in details in September. Send us a contact form with your availability now!
Weeks: Can I volunteer for more than one week?
All teams (except for the Stewarding Team) are able to accept volunteers for up to two weeks, spaces permitting. If you'd like to Steward for two weeks, you'll need to have a week’s break in the middle. If you want to serve as a Steward as well as serving on another Team, then Stewarding must be your second week as it's the most tiring
Time off: Can I attend the seminars or celebrations if I volunteer?
When you're off duty. Teams will have time off and some have a shift pattern. The Stewarding team is slightly different in that the team don't have regular scheduled time off, instead it's arranged as the day progresses, dependent on the responsibilities and situations that arise. However, there are always Stewards present in all the sessions and during the celebrations, so you will experience a variety of meetings during your week.
Spouses: Will my spouse and I serve on the same shift?
If you both volunteer for the same children’s teams, or some of the Stewarding or Support Teams then we will endeavour to make sure that you are serving at the same time.
Guest - already booked: I have already booked as a Guest, can I still volunteer?
You can choose to book and stay in your own accommodation and you will receive a £60 discount voucher to present at time of final payment as a contribution towards your accommodation costs and food vouchers to use at the resort. During the mySpringHarvest application you will have the opportunity to record your preferred choice of accommodation.
Meals: What's the meal provision for volunteers?
All our Volunteers are offered free Continental accommodation. Volunteers receive three meals a day. Breakfast and a cooked Lunch are served in the Team Dining Room, and Team Tea is served in the Team Lounge. Breakfast and Lunch are buffet style with Vegetarian and low-fat options. If you have any food intolerances or allergies please add that to your mySpringHarvest or contact your Team Administrator). There are tea and coffee making facilities in each Team accommodation.
mySpringHarvest: What is 'mySpringHarvest'?
mySpringHarvest profiles are available to applicants throughout the volunteer process. You will be able to check the progress of your application and change any contact details if necessary. Any future years that you wish to serve on Team, you'll simply have to confirm that the details are still correct. » Log in at https://secure.springharvest.org/myspringharvest/secure/index.jsf
Expenses: Do I get a contribution towards my expenses?
Travel expenses up to £80 will be reimbursed to volunteers. A travel expenses claim form will be included in your welcome pack when you register. You will need to retain any receipts or make a note of mileage.
Pets: Can I bring my pets?
No, sorry.
Security: Is there somewhere secure I can leave my belongings?
There are no safes available for your use so be cautious about what personal property you bring. Butlins remains open to day visitors, so anyone can enter the site. Please keep any valuables out of sight.
Bringing A Group
Must I book for 20+ adults for me to qualify as a Group Organiser?
No, you can register as a Group Organiser regardless of the size of your group.
If my original group had fewer than 20 full paying adults, if I add more adults to my group, am I eligible for a free place?
Yes, this will happen automatically and you will be sent an amended confirmation which will show the free place, and also adjust the balance due accordingly.
Can I book without the full details of my group?
Yes. If you are unable to fully complete the Group booking spreadsheet (find this at springharvest.org/groups) with all the details of your group, complete the unknown names as ‘A N Other’. When calculating your deposit, you should count these places as adults. It is important to send these details to Butlins as soon as you have them.
Will my group be accommodated near each other?
Yes. As long as you are the registered Group Organiser with all bookings linked to you and that the accommodation that you have booked is of a similar size and type, Butlins will do as much as possible to ensure that your group is accommodated together. Please note however that this is not always possible due to the layout of the resort.
Can I collect all the keys for my group?
Yes. It is a good idea to just send one person to collect the keys for the whole group. Please ensure that this person has all of the booking confirmations for the whole group.
How can my Group meet together at Spring Harvest?
When you arrive at the resort, you should speak to the Customer Care Coordinator, via the Spring Harvest stand in the Skyline, who may be able to book you a venue, subject to availability, which your group can use to meet up in.
Bookings & Accommodation
We booked a larger unit than we needed as no smaller units were available. Do we have to pay for the empty bed spaces?
Yes, and these will be charged at the CHILD rate (which is the Adult rate minus £20).
When are final payments due?
All payments must be made to Butlins 56 days before your arrival at Spring Harvest. You can spread the cost and pay throughout the year at www.butlins.com/pay
There is no suitable accommodation left - can I add my name to a waiting list?
We no longer run our Waiting List, so we recommend that you check the online booking system or phone Butlins direct on 0845 070 4743 on a regular basis to give you the best opportunity of securing accommodation.
Am I eligible for a discount on my booking?
Yes. If you book before 30 September 2014 we will offer you £10 off each person (aged 2 and over). Concessions are also available on standard/silver rooms, and standard/silver apartments for those in receipt of benefit. See www.springharvest.org/concessions for full details.
How do I amend my booking?
For any amendments please ring either Skegness on 0845 070 4753 or Minehead on 0845 070 4764. If you wish to add more guests to a booking (at any time), or make name changes before 30 September, you will not be charged an amendment fee. Other changes to your booking may incur an amendment fee.
I haven't received confirmation of my booking...
If your deposit has been taken, then your booking is secure. Please ring either Skegness on 0845 070 4753 or Minehead 0845 070 4764 on to confirm your booking and request a duplicate confirmation. If you know your booking number, you can also log into www.butlins.com/book to print your own booking confirmation.
My accommodation doesn't have a kitchen - can I have a fridge?
Yes, contact Butlins Guests Services by calling 01643 703331 for Minehead or 01754 762311 for Skegness. There will be a charge for this service.
Can I bring pets?
No, dogs, cats and other pets/animals are not permitted at the Butlins resort with the exception of guide dogs for the blind, dogs for the deaf and assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Dogs are allowed, however, on the Touring Caravan site at Skegness only.
Who do I make cheques payable to and where do I send them?
You can make your cheques payable to 'Butlins Skyline Ltd', and you'll need to post them directly to the resort you're booking for: - Butlins Resort Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5SH and Butlins Resort Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 1NJ
How do I pay my deposit and how long do I have?
If your booking is for fewer than 20 people (children included), you will need to give your party’s details and pay the deposits at the time of booking on the phone or web. Deposits are £35 per adult and £20 per child. If you're booking for 20 or more people, you have 14 days to pay your deposit. More info is at www.springharvest.org/groups
What time do I check-in and check-out?
Minehead: Guests can arrive and check in from midday on the first day. Accommodation will be ready by 4pm. Guests must vacate their accommodation by 10am on day of departure. Skegness: Guests can arrive from midday on the first day and check in from 1.30pm. Accommodation will be ready by 4pm. Guests must vacate their accommodation by 10am on day of departure. Touring caravans can remain on their pitch until the end of the final morning celebration. They must however be packed and ready to leave by 11.30 as Butlins guests will be arriving from midday onwards.
Special Needs
Can Butlins cater for special dietary requirements?
Usually, yes. You will need to contact Butlins Guests Services, please call 01643 703331 for Minehead or 01754 762311 for Skegness.
Does Butlins have any accommodation for disabled people?
There are a limited number of ease of access and fully disabled units which are subject to availability. Please contact 01825 769000 for more information.
What provisions do Spring Harvest make for children/young people with additional needs?
Spring Harvest welcomes all children and young people into the programmes, and seeks to be an inclusive and safe place for all. We do our best to accommodate each child's needs within the programme but this is dependent on the skills of our team and the resources available to us at the event so we cannot guarantee to meet your child's needs, neither do we offer one-to-one care. Please see our additional needs information sheet for full details and let us know of your child's needs using our on-line form.
I cannot hear normal speech and am worried about being able to follow the programme – is there any provision for me?
Yes, there are a number of ways in which you can access the programme e.g. through loop systems and sign language. Please see www.springharvest.org/access for more info.
Tell me about registration procedures for children...
On arrival, each child attending the Under 5s, 5-7s and 8-11s programmes will need to be registered into their relevant age groups, using the appropriate form. Forms will be available on-line at www.springharvest.org/children or, when you arrive at Spring Harvest, you can get them from the children's venues or Spring Harvest stand. During registration, we'll ask you to supply the name, address and telephone number of an emergency off-site contact and also the child’s GP, so be sure to bring these details along with you. On arrival, please take each child and your confirmation email or their completed form to the relevant children’s venue to register and meet the team (don't worry if you've lost the email, the team will still be able to find your details). The Programme Planner has a map on the back which will detail the venue you need to go to - otherwise just ask a friendly steward. If possible, please register your child on arrival on Day 1, but if not, please do so before they attend their first session on Day 2.
Can I pre-register my child?
2015 sees the introduction of advance on-line registration. This will be going live shortly, and will be accessed from www.springharvest.org/children and will enable you to register your child's details in advance. When you arrive at Spring Harvest, you will still need to take your child to their venue on Day 1 to complete the registration and meet the team.
What should children bring with them to their programme sessions?
Under 5s: anything that your child would normally need at home - comforter, dummy, bottle, spare nappies, potty, change of clothes etc. Please ensure everything you bring including clothes are clearly labelled with the child's full name and your chalet number once you know it. 5-7s: A light snack (piece of fruit, small plain biscuit) and a drink in a clearly named bottle (not glass). No peanuts or foods possibly containing nuts should be taken into any of the children's venues in case of allergic reactions. If the weather is good and the ground is dry then the children might be taken outside to play together so a jacket or jumper would be advisable. Finally, and most importantly, your child will have been given a badge at registration with an area for you to complete on the reverse. They should have this with them at all times in case we need to contact you. 8-11s: As with the younger children, please bring a drink and a snack and ensure that they have their badges on. The children will need to feel comfortable to play, so make sure they're wearing comfortable clothes which are suitable for them to do craft activities and to run and dance around.
Who can collect my child from the venue?
At registration you will be given a ticket for each child to show when the child is collected. The ticket means that only you, or an authorised adult, can collect your child. Should you lose the ticket, please speak to the leader at the information point within the venue who will ask you to confirm a password instead (this will also be agreed at the time of registration). On registration of the 8-11s group, we'll ask if you're happy for your child to leave the venue alone, and if so you'll be asked to sign a form to that effect. (This only applies to 8-11s.)
Why don't you provide care for children during the afternoon programme?
We offer Under 5s care for part of the afternoon, but we find that most families attending Spring Harvest appreciate having time to spend together, and the best time for us to offer this is during the afternoon. Our Under 5s and 5-7s programmes are registered by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) to care for children under the Children Act. The act applies to children under the age of 8 and limits our type of programme (known as 'creche day care') to a maximum of four hours per day. We see the morning teaching programme as a key part of the day and therefore offer the children's programmes during that time.
Why is the Under 5s provision for only half the morning?
Regretfully, this is where logistics kick in! The Butlin's nurseries on each Resort that we use are simply not big enough to hold all of the under 5s that come to Spring Harvest. During some breaks, we can have up to 300 under 5s - and we would rather house them in a purpose built nursery in small groups than put them all together in a much larger room.
Can my child move into an older group?
Due to the large numbers of children involved, we need to be strict on age groups for all children aged 10 and under. All our under 8s programmes are registered under the Children Act and registration requirements mean we can only cater for four year olds in the 5-7s programme if the four year old has been in school from the September before Spring Harvest and full-time for a term. We are able to cater for 7 year olds in the 8-11's programme if their 8th birthday falls before 31st August of that year. However, children aged 11 may choose to attend either the 8-11s programme or the 11-14s youth programme.
How do you contact me if my child has a problem and needs to come out?
When registering your child, you will be asked to provide a contact mobile phone number. Please make sure you keep this phone with you while your children are in the children's programme as this is usually the easiest way to contact you. You may also be asked to let the programme leaders know where you are intending to be during the programme times. In the Big Top, there is a designated parents areas. If we need to call a parent out, boards will be displayed only in the parents area, so please ensure you sit here.
What provisions/checks do you carry out on children’s workers?
Each year, our children’s workers are asked to complete an application form to join the respective children’s teams. In addition to completing an application form, a photo index card and references are required by the applicant following the guidelines set out in the application form. Applications are processed at Spring Harvest Head Office and then sent to the appropriate Team Leader for their approval. Applications are accepted at the discretion of the Team Leader/Spring Harvest. Team members will not be able to serve at Spring Harvest unless they have obtained a satisfactory 'Enhanced Disclosure' from the Criminal Records Bureau. The ‘Enhanced Disclosure’ is the most comprehensive check available to us.
I'm a lone parent/carer - how can I attend the evening programme?
We fully recognise that lone parents need extra support, so we offer a babysitting service for one evening during the week, to enable lone parents to get to some of the evening programme. To take advantage of this service, just register in the Nursery by 12 noon on the day you'd like a babysitter. Please try not to leave it to the last night as we won't be able to cover everyone in the one evening! As we have many requests and a limited number of team members, we can only guarantee one night's babysitting per family, and this service is exclusively for lone parents.
Can I buy a Programme Planner in advance?
Programme Planners are only available on your arrival as they're not printed until the last moment, as the information is subject to change. They literally arrive at the Resort "hot off the press"!
I am coming to Spring Harvest on my own and am worried about being lonely – can I meet up with others?
Yes! There are several opportunities for this throughout the week. Don’t miss Space to Meet held in the evenings of Night 1 or 2 where you can meet with others in a similar situation. In Skegness, we also have a Care Team who run Space to Be in the mornings and afternoons. There is more information about both of these sessions in the Programme Planner and Harvest News (our daily event news sheet). We also have a vibrant online community via Facebook & Twitter – they are great place to arrange meet ups for others on their own – check out www.facebook.com/springharvest and www.twitter.com/springharvest
I’m not a Christian but am coming with friends/my family – is there anything for me at Spring Harvest?
Spring Harvest is a great place for a holiday. The Butlins facilities provide many opportunities to have fun, enjoy eating out or having coffee with friends, and relax in the swimming pool! You can also sample our creative arts afternoon workshops plus our organised sports programme that the Spring Harvest team run. And if you would like to find out more about the Christian faith in an easy-going atmosphere, then you may like to check out our Just Looking programme!
What time does everything start on Day 1 and end on the last day?
Check-in is from 12noon (Minehead) and 1.30pm (Skegness), plus many of the Butlins facilities are open at this time also. The Spring Harvest programme on the first and last day is the same for every break, and kicks off at 5pm with a special hour long session if this is your first time to Spring Harvest. The Big Top evening celebration begins at 6.45pm along with the programmes for over 8 year olds. The end time is also the same for every break. You have to vacate your accommodation by 10am, and the last morning celebration ends at 11.30
Funding requests
Can I apply for money from Spring Harvest for my charity?
We take up an offering at the Spring Harvest event each year and most of the funds raised are given to other organisations whose work has a link to the theme for the year. All the information on how we use the money given in our offerings is at springharvest.org/offerings.
I am doing a gap year with a Christian mission organisation, can Spring Harvest offer me any money to help?
We have so many people asking for support for short-term mission or training work that we have had to say we can’t offer help to any of them, but we think it’s a great thing to do and wish you really well.
New Event Length
What programme content will the 4 night, 5 day event miss out on, compared to the 5 night, 6 day event offered at Minehead One?
No content will be missed out if you attend a 4 night, 5 day event. The content will be worked around the 4 night, 5 day programme. For the longer event at Minehead One, there will be extra, bespoke content. We can’t tell you the details of this yet, but our planning team are already working to bring you the best possible Spring Harvest experience, whichever week you are able to join us for.
Why has Spring Harvest shortened some of their events?
Patterns of holidays taken in the UK are increasingly following a Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday pattern. We work closely with Butlins who follow this booking pattern in their resorts. We’ve created the 4 night, 5 day programme in response to this, coupled with a desire to keep your Spring Harvest experience as affordable and comfortable as possible.
The 2015 dates don’t suit my children’s school holidays – why were these dates chosen?
Easter 2015 school holiday dates vary across the UK. We have scheduled our breaks to accommodate as many LEA school holiday dates in the main catchment areas for each resort as possible.