Group booking

Lots of people come to Spring Harvest as part of a group from their church or town. It's a great way to learn and grow together and we offer every 21st adult place free!

If you are considering bringing a group to Spring Harvest, here's what you need to know!


Tell your church, friends and family about Spring Harvest:

  • Put an article/advert in your church newsletter
  • Ask for a slot in your Sunday service to show the promo video, or use the PowerPoint presentation
  • Find someone who has been before and interview them in church. Personal testimony a great way of enthusing others to come!
  • Give people a deadline date for letting you know that they want to come.
  • If you can think of anything else that would help you, or to discuss the possibility of arranging for one of our team to speak at your church, then get in touch on

Resources to help
Download videos, brochure PDFs, PowerPoint presentation and adverts for church newsletters at


  • Give people a deadline date for letting you know that they want to book.
  • Ask them to supply you with all the details of their party using our specially designed spreadsheet
  • If your group is 20+ people, you can provide names up to 14 days after you book (if you still don’t know then putting A N Other is fine, until end of September after which you’ll be charged)
  • Ask people for a second choice of accommodation, in case their first is sold out when you book.
  • Special note: Adults are counted as anyone aged 15 or older and children under 3 months are chargeable, but we'll refund you on arrival.

Resources to help
Download these spreadsheets to collate your group's details
» Individual family details (Email or hand this out to each family/chalet group)
» Group Booking details (Copy details of all the families into this ready to email to Butlins)


  • Book online or by phone, however, if your group is 20+ people you can only book by phone.
  • If your booking is for fewer than 20 people, you will need to give your party’s details and pay the deposits at the time of booking. Groups of 20+ people have 14 days.

» Book now

(online bookings are for groups of fewer than 20 people)

Fewer than 20 people: 0845 070 4743 ( both resorts)

20+ people: Minehead 0845 070 4764 / Skegness 0845 070 4753

Adapted Units (Limited): 01825 769000

Touring Caravans (Skegness only): Booking available September 2014.


You have 2 weeks to confirm your booking, send in your deposit (or call with your credit card) and supply the full details of each person attending. You will be told how much deposit will be required – if you can pay the deposit in one go, by one method, then great! But do tell the staff if this will cause an issue. If you can't pay your deposit within 14 days, you will not lose your booking - sImply notify Butlins if there will be a delay

Email your forms to:
Post forms to: Butlins Resort, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5SH

Email forms to:
Post forms to: Butlins Resort, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 1NJ

(It may be some weeks before you hear back from Butlins - don't worry - you will not lose your booking)

Deposits are:

  • £35 per adult or £20 per child (under 15)
  • Optional Butlins holiday insurance is from £20 per accommodation unit
  • To claim your free place (every 20 adults) – liaise with Butlins directly
  • AN Others are charged as Adults initially and adjusted in final invoice if a child


If any guests are benefit claimants, or spouse/child of a benefit claimant, the good news is that they're entitled to a discount if they book Standard or Silver accommodation!

» Visit


As a group organiser, all correspondence will come directly to you, via post or email, so do make sure that anything that needs passing on is communicated to your group.

  • Tell Butlins whether you want paper/email confirmations (we suggest email)
  • View your booking online (allow a few week to process) at
  • Use your Butlins booking reference to set up a login for the Butlins website.

If you’ve got any questions about your group booking, call the resorts directly.

Skegness: Call Mary Dickens on 01754 762311
Minehead: Call Nicky Hodges on 01643 706363

Mary and Nicky head up group bookings for Spring Harvest all year round and will help you with any query you may have. All enquiries relating to your Butlins booking need to be made through you as the Group Organiser.


  • For the fine print – check out
  • Send this information round to your group
  • You will not be charged for any name changes until 30 September, but you may be charged for any changes thereafter.


If you have any questions, please call the dedicated Group Organiser Helpline on 01825 769116, 9am - 5pm or email