Minehead 2

Spring Harvest offers a variety of sessions throughout your break. You can find the provisional programme for Minehead 2 below. Please note this some sessions and speakers may change between now and the start of the event.

9am - The Big Start

Start the day with a 30 minute fast-moving feast of interactive worship, prayer and teaching each morning for all ages. Led by Bob Hartman and Gemma Hunt.
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10am – Big Top Bible Teaching

Explore what we believe as Simon Ponsonby takes us through passages of scripture to help us understand the foundational truths as set out in the Apostles' Creed.

11.45am – Spaces

Practical sessions in 6 different styles, all looking at the UNBELIEVABLE theme using the teaching material from the Theme Guide (available to buy at the event). Choose from:

Malcolm Duncan & Cathy Madavan
How to have a confident faith in a sceptical world

Pete Broadbent & Elaine Duncan
How to explain your faith and think it through

Katharine Hill & Sim Dendy
Connecting your personal faith to your home, family and resources

Chick Yuill & Emma Sykes
Being confident in following Jesus in your workplace

Abby Guinness & Cris Rogers
Confidence in engaging with arts, media, culture and technology

Ben Cooley & Virginia Luckett
Exploring how our faith calls us to handle the big issues of the day

2.15pm & 3.45pm - Seminars

Every afternoon, choose from a range of hour-long seminars, all grouped into the following streams:


  • We believe - what's believable about the Creed?
  • Nobody seriously believes that stuff these days
  • There's no place for faith in our public life

Unbelievable: Answering Tough Questions

  • Is God a delusion?
  • Don't dead people stay dead?
  • What about suffering?


  • Open the Book
  • Lost in Translation
  • Spread the Word
  • Tour of the Bible
  • How to read the Bible for all its worth
  • How to help young people and families read the Bible.

Family life

  • Being married in the real world
  • Parentalk - helping you to be an even better parent
  • Helping children safely navigate a digital world



  • How to prepare and preach
  • Women and men in Christ
  • Coping with the onset of disability
  • Walk a mile in my shoes
  • Healthy churches require hard work! 


  • Fatherhood?  An orphan generation 
  • Living well in a world where bad things happen 
  • Depression 

God’s confidence in the Church

  • Reaching the unreached
  • Supporting the persecuted
  • Caring for the poor and marginalised

Salvation Army

  • Working with families 
  • Homelessness: down but not out 
  • An invitation to all Salvationists and friends

Worship - see below for more details



  • Growing in your relationship with Christ
  • Creation Care 

6.45pm - Celebrations

A choice of Celebrations in different styles so that you can praise and worship in a way that suits you.

Join together every night, for worship led by Worship Central, a talk, some time to respond to God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, plus dance and drama.

Hosts: Dai & Cath Wooldrige
A spacious evening of worship, readings and prayers plus a 15-minute talk on the theme of the day. Time to focus on God, to re-connect with him and be renewed.

Hosts: Gareth & Shirley Bouwer, Ellie White

Creative, edgy and innovative with lots of spark

Hosts: Big Ministries

Especially for families; high energy worship, teaching and interactive fun. Session starts at 5.30pm and is repeated at 7pm.

10.30pm - After Hours

Round your day off with some of the best Christian entertainment of the moment. Concerts, worship nights, theatre, dance, comedy and more.
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Pete Broadbent: Head

Pete is on the General Synod of the Church of England and chairs the Board of Memralife Group, the company behind Spring Harvest. He also works with Eden London - overseeing church planting in the Diocese of London. He relaxes by watching football and is a connoisseur of real ale.

Ben Cooley: Justice

Ben Cooley is passionate about bringing freedom and hope to modern day slaves. He is the CEO and co-founder of Hope for Justice, an organisation pioneering a cutting edge strategy to deliver a rescue network across the UK for victims of human trafficking.

Sim Dendy: Home

Sim is the Senior Pastor of New Life Church in Romsey and is on the national leadership teams of Pioneer Network and Ground Level Network of Churches. He has a passion to see the Church take its place within the local community. Sim is married with 4 children.

Elaine Duncan: Head

Elaine is the Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society. Her passion is to help people know God better through engaging with the Bible. Originally from Cumbria, Elaine now lives and works in Scotland. She loves being outdoors, usually walking her pal's two dogs.

Malcolm Duncan: Life

Malcolm is leader of Gold Hill Baptist Church as well as founder of Church and Community - a charity that helps Christians to serve others. He is passionate about the local church and has written several books. Malcolm is chair of the Spring Harvest Planning Group.

Abby Guinness: Culture

Abby is an established writer, performer and speaker who specialises in communicating the Bible creatively. For an arty-type she's surprisingly organised and works throughout the year to help deliver Spring Harvest.

Katharine Hill: Home

Katharine is the UK Director of Care for the Family. She speakers regularly across the UK and writes on family, marriage and parenting issues. Katharine has co-authored two books and writes for newspapers and magazines, as well as appearing in national and local broadcast interviews.

Virginia Luckett: Justice

Virginia is passionately committed to local and global mission through the UK church. She is the Director of the UK Churches team for Tearfund and is an Anglican priest. Virginia is married to Tim and they have two grown up children.

Cathy Madavan: Life

Cathy freelances for organisations such as Care for the Family, Moorlands College and Liberti Magazine, and is part of the Spring Harvest Planning Group. She is mum to two teenage girls, wife to Mark (a church leader) and leads worship at church.

Cris Rogers: Culture

Cris took on the leadership of an Anglican Church which had shrunk to seven people and is situated in one of the toughest Estates in London. He and his family moved to Tower Hamlets with the desire of restarting the Church. Cris recently joined Spring Harvest Planning Group.

Emma Sykes: Work

Emma is an Anglican Priest and has been ministering at St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham for five years. She is passionate about ministering to those who see themselves as being on the margins of both life and faith. Emma is married and has two amazing boys.

Chick Yuill: Work

Chick Yuill is a freelance speaker and writer based in Manchester. He lists his great passions as growing as a disciple of Jesus, being a faithful husband, a good dad and a loyal friend, running and walking, and following Manchester United.
  • Pete Broadbent: Head
  • Ben Cooley: Justice
  • Sim Dendy: Home
  • Elaine Duncan: Head
  • Malcolm Duncan: Life
  • Abby Guinness: Culture
  • Katharine Hill: Home
  • Virginia Luckett: Justice
  • Cathy Madavan: Life
  • Cris Rogers: Culture
  • Emma Sykes: Work
  • Chick Yuill: Work


Worship Central Afternoon Seminars

The Worship Central team during this week will be taking us through some elements of the Worship Central course - a training programme that has resourced over 30,000 people in worship. They'll be covering the following areas:

Why is Worship central

Why is Worship Central? takes a look at why worship is at the heart of everything we’re called to do as people who are passionate about Jesus. In this session we tackle the big theological question of why worship is our highest priority, and how everything else we do flows from it.

Encounter God

Encounter God explores six key biblical values that will form the foundation of any healthy worship team. Regardless of style or context, whether you’re in a big setting or a small group, these are values are the basic building blocks.

Authentic leader

We can be the best musicians, greatest theologians, the most organised and committed teams, but if we are not growing as authentic disciples of Jesus, it will all count for nothing. The Authentic Leader looks at how we can keep our lives in tune with God for the long run.

Leading Worship

Leading Worship tackles basic practicalities. In this session, we look at three questions that help to sharpen our thinking as worship leaders and musicians. How are we preparing? What is God doing? And where are we growing? 

Releasing creativity

God is a creative god and we are made in his image. We dream of every local church being a beacon of creativity in its community, but how do we do it? In Releasing Creativity we look at a vision for the arts and think about how we can all be involved.

Effective Team

The Effective Team digs into what makes a healthy team and how we can grow together, pulling in the same direction. Many worship teams fall apart over division and disunity. This session will look at how to build together for the years to come.