Spring Harvest guests have responded generously to many needs every year since 1979. Millions of pounds have been given and the beneficiaries are countless. Thank you

Over the years Spring Harvest offerings have been given to a huge variety of projects - from the construction of an acclaimed home for AIDS orphans in Uganda to the provision of a cooker for a hostel in the UK, and much in between. Students have been trained, Bibles supplied and children’s lives saved, all through the generosity of Spring Harvest guests.

2014 offering

In 2014 Spring Harvest asked guests to stand with them in support of the Spring Harvest event and its related ministries. 90% of the offering from 2014 is being invested into Spring Harvest activities. It is helping families on low incomes to come to Spring Harvest 2015 and enabling us put on other events including Youthwork the Conference.

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The remaining 10% was given to two other projects:

  • The Jubilee Centre Cambodia where church planters are trained for serving one of the fastest growing churches in the world
  • Youth for Christ’s peer-to-peer evangelism fund. This fund has been launched and YFC have received applications ranging from peer run Youth Alpha courses, evangelism training for young people and outward facing school Christian Unions. The fund is also being used in the development of a short course to give young people confidence and inspiration as they pray for their friends and share their faith. A small part of the fund is being used to offer training and ideas for churches who want to run discipleship programmes but lack the resources to pay for them.

2015 offering

We will contact a few organisations we have close links with to discuss how Spring Harvest can help them to support Christians and others persecuted in the Middle East through the offering in 2015.

We will not be inviting applications for funding from any other organisations.