In gratitude to God for all he has done for us we take up an offering at the Spring Harvest event. The funds raised are given to other organisations whose work has a link to the theme for the year and to support the work and ministry of Memralife Group.

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2014 offering

This year, 90% of the main Spring Harvest offerings will be invested by Spring Harvest into the future of the event and other group activities. The remaining 10%, plus 100% of the children’s and youth offerings, will go to designated projects, principally:
Jubilee Centre Cambodia where church planters are trained
Youth for Christ’s peer-to-peer evangelism fund.
Why is Spring Harvest breaking with a long tradition to retain some of the funds given in offerings at the event?  In common with many other Christian events and charities, Spring Harvest (part of Memralife Group, a charitable company) is facing financial challenges.  The costs of the event are not covered by the revenue it generates. So we are being open with our guests and team, asking them to stand with us in financial support, prayer and practical service.
This will ensure that we can move forward on a much stronger financial footing and invest in the future of Spring Harvest – in the ongoing ministry of the Easter event and in other initiatives such as NEOS; a resourcing event for children's, family and youth workers; The Pursuit, a new three day event of non-stop worship; and Youthwork the Conference.
We are utterly convinced that we have a bright and exciting future. Inspired by an amazing heritage built up over 35 years, we want to continue to inspire the church, equip the saints, speak prophetically into society and release resources to others who desperately need our help and support. We want the generation that has grown up with Spring Harvest to invest in the emerging generation of Christians in the UK and beyond
However, if we do not strengthen our financial base now, we will not be able to sustain and develop Spring Harvest for the long term.
We are inviting guests and team to stand with us through one off gifts at this time or through regular giving to the ministry of Spring Harvest. We want to develop a partner base of men and women who will support us in prayer, volunteering and finances. Our hope is that our core financial support for the ministry of Spring Harvest will eventually come from committed monthly prayers and givers, thus releasing the offering we take at the event year on year to specific projects.
So please, this year, stand with us, so that we can continue to be what God has called us to be and so that we can continue to serve and support other ministers across the UK and around the world.
Because our offering beneficiaries have been chosen, we're sorry that we won't be inviting further applications for funds this year.