It takes hundreds of people behind the scenes to pull off an event as large as Spring Harvest, so we rely on a team of volunteers to help out! Join us this year and you’ll be part of a brilliant team who get to experience Spring Harvest by serving God as a volunteer. If you’re interested in joining our prayer team please click here.


Children and Steward Teams

 Minehead One
4–8 Apr
Minehead Two
8-13 Apr
10–14 Apr
U5sAndrew & Christine JervisHelen & Stuart BaileyAlison Tombs
5-7sPowerpack (Nick Jackson) Powerpack (Nick Jackson)Whizz Kids (Sarah Covington)
8-11sBIG Ministries (Jo Squires)Firestarters  (Ruth & Dave Stephenson)Energise (Doug Horley)
StewardsDavid CameronTony Williams James Griggs
Hosting Gill NashLucy ToveyMichelle Sargent