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Here's what other Spring Harvesters are saying


Maggie (on Facebook)

Fantastic week with some awesome worships and bible studies, and great "Do" zone, thanks Gerard and Elaine. Money tight and had thought next year is not possible but how can I not go? So see you all next year!!!

Hannah from Norwich

I've been to Spring Harvest at Skegness for three years now and have loved every minute! However, this year I had a different and more amazing experience. I connect with God mostly through the worship and in previous years, this has brought me to tears many times because it's been so powerful. This year, I still felt God during the worship, but it was in a different way. It gave me so much joy and I couldn't stop smiling.

Cassie from Birmingham

It was the first time I’ve been to Spring Harvest this year, and I got loads out of it, so thank you. On the first day at Skegness they told us not to go to everything or we might get exhausted, but I went to lots of things anyway and I feel really energised…I loved being in the big top with so many other Christian people, and I found the bible readings in Lakeside really helpful. There was so much interesting background information packed into them. I enjoyed discussing late night hot topics in the chalet, like ‘If you had two guinea pigs that had to be named after a minor prophet.. what would you name them?’ (Obadiah and Habakkuk being most popular in our chalet) but also I enjoyed meeting new people from all sorts of backgrounds. Taking time out to think through some things I wouldn’t otherwise be prompted to think about has been really good for me. Thank you Spring Harvest!

Beryl & Steve

I can't pick out any one thing to tell you to encourage you. It was all so exciting & (hate to use the a word) Amazing...I wake up singing some of the songs from the worship & can't get them out of my head all day.

Ann from Surrey

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful time we spend every year in Minehead. We are a family with 3 children of 7, 10 and 12 and think THE BIG START is absolutely the best thing ever. We love it and so do the kids – Bob Hartmann is a genius! What a great way to tell children about the great God we worship – thank you so much, every year THE BIG START never disappoints...Spring Harvest just helps recharge our batteries and remind us about the mission we are on and to continue saving souls for Christ.

Tom (age 7)

"I love Jesus more than my lego - Spring Harvest better than summer camp"  - snorts from father - camp leader!

Milly (age 4)

"Spring Harvest is better than Disneyland Paris" says Milly who talks about Spring Harvest virtually non-stop, has taught all her preschool friends to sing 'Jesus is my best friend' and wants to be a singer-songwriter when she grows up just like her heroine Vicky Beeching! She even said at breakfast-time this morning that she's going to sing at Spring Harvest when she's a grown up and change her name to Milly Beeching! So all in all it was a pretty successful holiday for us all, and we are profoundly grateful!


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