Each year, Spring Harvest has a theme which runs right through your break. The Bible is central to it all and, from toddlers to adults, everyone learns from the same passages, in a way to suit them.


Spring Harvest 2014 - UNBELIEVABLE

The 2014 theme tackles the issue of lost confidence. The church is facing big challenges. Everything is being questioned and we need answers. We believe, but sometimes our faith feels un-believable. 
Through Bible readings, seminars, and celebrations we’ll rediscover the unbreakable confidence that God has in us, and how that inspires us to have confidence in our calling as Christians. 

"I believe, help me in my unbelief"

The cry of the father from Matthew 9:14-29 is familiar to anyone who has felt the conflicting grip of doubt and despair whilst holding on to belief in God who is good, and whose mercy endures forever. 
We struggle with our confidence in God in the face of pain, controversies in the church and competing claims of truth, but despite our doubts and unbelief, we cry out to him with the faith we have. And he responds.

An Unbreakable Confidence in God

God’s unbreakable confidence inspires and equips us to face the challenges of our culture, the anxieties of our heart and the questions of our sorrows and doubts.

Spring Harvest 2014 will help us see God again, to rejoice in who he is and what he wants to do in the world through us and what he wants to do in us.

God has not finished with you yet. He has’t finished with his Church yet, and he hasn’t finished with the world yet. The best is yet to be. 


How does the theme come together?

The Spring Harvest Planning Group is made up of people from different churches and Christian organisations. They meet throughout the year to build the theme and programme. In June, we also held a consultation day where other church and organisation leaders were invited to add suggestions and opinions on how the theme should be shaped.