To book for Minehead and Skegness call 0330 100 9330 or click the button below to book online.

To book for Harrogate, use the link below or you can pay at the door.

Why not join us at the event through volunteering?

Find out about being a volunteer here.


There is space at all breaks at Minehead and Skegness.
Last updated 3 August. For the latest availability click here to visit the Butlins website. If you would like to book an adapted unit, call the resort direct for availability information.

At Harrogate everyone makes their own accommodation arrangements and there are many options within walking distance. Click the button below for more information.

Standard RoomDoubleNoneNoneNone
4 berthSomeSomeNone
5 berthSomeSome-
Silver RoomDoubleNoneNoneNone
3 berthNoneNoneNone
4 berthFewNoneLots
5 berthNoneFew-
6 berthSomeFewNone
7 berth--None
Silver Suite4 berthSomeSome-
Deluxe SuiteDoubleNoneNone-
4 berthFewNone-
6 berthNoneNone-
Standard Apartment4 berthNoneNoneNone
6 berthSomeNone-
7 berthNoneNone-
Silver Apartment4 berthLotsFewNone
6 berthNoneNoneFew
New Style Silver Apartment4 berthLotsNoneNone
6 berthNoneNoneNone
Silver Bungalow4 berthNoneNone-
5 berthNoneNone-
6 berthLotsFew-
7 berthLotsSome-
Gold Apartment4 berthLotsFewSome
5 berth--Some
6 berthNoneNoneLots
8 berthNoneNone-
Seaside Lodge6 berthSomeNone-
Fairground4 berth--Lots
Seaside Apartment4 berthLotsNoneLots
6 berthNoneNone-
West LakesChalet4 berthLotsNone-
6 berthFewNone-
8 berthNoneNone-
Bayside Apartment4 berthFewNone-
6 berthSomeFew-
Standard RoomDoubleNone
4 berthNone
5 berth-
Silver RoomDoubleNone
3 berthNone
4 berthLots
5 berth-
6 berthNone
7 berthNone
Silver Suite4 berth-
Deluxe SuiteDouble-
4 berth-
6 berth-
Standard Apartment4 berthNone
6 berth-
7 berth-
Silver Apartment4 berthNone
6 berthFew
New Style Silver Apartment4 berthNone
6 berthNone
Silver Bungalow4 berth-
5 berth-
6 berth-
7 berth-
Gold Apartment4 berthSome
5 berthSome
6 berthLots
8 berth-
Seaside Lodge6 berth-
Fairground4 berthLots
Seaside Apartment4 berthLots
6 berth-
West LakesChalet4 berth-
6 berth-
8 berth-
Bayside Apartment4 berth-
6 berth-