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The Spring Harvest Youth Preaching Prize 2023

January 25, 2023

We want to hear new voices, and be reminded how much we have to learn from the young in God’s Flipped Kingdom! In association with Dr Amy Orr-Ewing and APPologetics, we are running the Spring Harvest Youth Preaching Prize 2023.

Anyone who is coming to Spring Harvest this year and is aged 11-18 can apply. We are seeking to encourage young people from a broad range of lived experiences to apply, particularly if they haven’t had the opportunity to speak publicly before.

It’s simple. Choose one of these three titles. Prepare a short talk. Film it on a phone. Send it to us before 28th February.

Why there is hope

The Good News explored

How to be citizens in God’s upside-down Kingdom

The judging panel will include Dr Amy Orr-Ewing and Rev Cris Rogers along with a few others. Amy’s advice is to remember, “It’s not a filmmaking test. We want to see the way you communicate as well as your content. Don’t forget to have a clear beginning, middle and end, use an illustration and quote from the Bible.”

There will be a winner and a runner-up in Minehead and in Skegness. The prizes are £100 or £25 and some books. All four will have a chance to meet Amy at the event for some coaching, before having the chance to deliver the same talk on stage in an evening celebration.

What to do next

Once you have planned and prepared what you want to say:
1. Video the talk 

2. Create a text file containing your email address, name, age, address, phone number and whether you are attending Skegness or Minehead.

3. Upload the finished video file and the text file to google drivedropbox or another online storage system.

4. Email us the links to your two files. Use the subject line Youth Preaching Prize. Send it to [email protected] Please do NOT email us the files.


For the easiest route – record your talk on a phone and send it by WhatsApp to 07500 775085. Don’t forget to include your name, age, address, phone number and whether you are going to Skegness or Minehead, with the video.

Full instructions and some handy filming tips are available. Just tap or click the button below!

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