Youth leaders, here are some things that will definitely make Spring Harvest 2019 in Harrogate one of the best youth camps ever:

Indoor camping: all the fun of camping but none of the downsides.

Fantastic worship: an open door to heaven and encounter with Jesus.

Fantastic teaching and team: experienced leaders from Youth for Christ to support and pray with you and your group.


Book yourself and your young people in to the event through our dedicated youth group booking site (keep reading and you’ll get to the link below!). We’ll ask you for names and ages of each young person coming.

Unsurprisingly, each person coming needs an event ticket! These tickets don’t include accommodation so you’ll need to book this separately, or get yourself some Indoor Camping action.

When you book, a 20% deposit is required for each young person, and a 50% deposit is required to secure camping pitches. Deposits are paid at the time of booking and are non-refundable. Youth leaders do not pay a deposit and there’s a different price for the 11-13s and the 14-18s.

To help you out, we’ve held prices down for youth groups, so instead of a price increase at the start of February, prices will be held until the 1st March.


Youth leaders bringing groups of 8 young people or more may qualify for a free place if they stay with their group in the youth programme and meet the requirements detailed in the Terms & Conditions. If you prefer to access the adult programme, that’s fine with us, but we are unable to offer you a free place.

Your free place will not show on the booking site, but don’t worry! We will allocate free places after we receive your booking and will send you an invoice showing the final amount due. Please don’t pay the full amount at the time of booking, wait until you receive an adjusted invoice.


If more young people want to join your group after you have made your initial booking, this is easy to do. Simply use the ‘Manage My Booking’ link in your confirmation email and add them on!


For simplicity, you can also book your family into the event using the Youth Booking site. FYI if your church has already created a group booking for Harrogate, your family – not your youth group! – can be counted as part of that group. This will count towards the total church group size, which may help them qualify for a free space (1 for every 16 people booked).


Booking opens on 13 June 2018, join our mailing list to stay updated.