Spring Harvest Media

Below you’ll find a collection of videos used at Spring Harvest.
Please feel free to use and share them on social media or with your church.  You’ll find more videos on our YouTube channel.
Scroll down for media used at Spring Harvest 2018.


2019 Theme Teaser

2019 Video

SH2018 Media

James Bible Readings

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Pre-communion Performance Piece

The Mirror

Spring Harvest 2018 Promotional Video


What’s in the Bible? PowerPoint – (Pete Broadbent, Skegness)

Running on Empty PowerPoint – (Paul Stokes, Skegness)

Keeping in Step with the Spirit PowerPoint – (Paul Stokes, Skegness)

Discerning the Spirit PowerPoint – (Paul Stokes, Skegness)