Meet Krish Kandiah…

Krish Kandiah will be leading the Bible teaching at Minehead One in 2017. He is the founder and director of Home for Good, Vice President for Tearfund and on the faculty at Regents Park College, Oxford University. He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and six children and is a champion for fostering, adoption and an advocate for refugees. We caught up with Krish to ask him a few questions about Spring Harvest and what he is looking forward to at Spring Harvest in 2017.

You’ve been on the SH planning group for a number of years now. What do you enjoy about being involved with Spring Harvest?

I love Spring Harvest’s commitment to being faithful to scripture and relevant to our culture. I love our openness to the Spirit and our passion to serve those in need. I love the way that everyone is welcome: all ages, all abilities, all denominations, all races and people at every stage of their journey with God.

Given everything that is happening in the UK at the moment, unity is a relevant topic to be looking at. What do you think the role of the church is?

We live in an increasingly divided world. Whether it is the deep divisions that emerged in our country over the decision to leave the EU or the racial divisions that are revealing themselves in the USA. . Sadly we are an increasingly divided church. There are more than 45,000 different Christian denominations in the world today. In 1900 there were 1600 denominations. This a 2712 per cent increase in the division of the Church in just over a century. It is vital that the church models something of the grace and unity that God calls us to so that we might demonstrate the transforming and healing power of the gospel. If we are not united we have very little to offer to our divided world.

What are you looking forward to bringing to Spring Harvest in 2017?

With our theme of unity next year Spring Harvest is talking about what we try to put into practice every year. We are seeking to catalyse a new spirit of unity in our families, our churches, our communities and in our nation. I am so excited to be teaching about what the Bible has to say about unity and how in the power of the Spirit we can all play our in demonstrating the reconciling power of the love of God.