This year, we want to enable mission projects across the UK where Church unity movements are working together to serve their communities. Giving generously is a powerful way for our unity to make an impact.

We have found initiatives that are sustainable and exciting and in need of financial input all over the country. We plan to support projects in Bath, Belfast, Doncaster, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newport, Plymouth, Stockton-on-Tees, Stoke-on-Trent and Sunderland.

There is a wide variety of missional work represented that will benefit many and spread the good news of Jesus. Amidst the recipients are projects that include:

  • Providing interim accommodation for asylum seekers
  • A mobile trailer for youth intervention work and street evangelism
  • A befriending scheme to combat social isolation
  • A High Street out of hours café for those on the margins
  • Schools outreach with accompanying prayer events
  • Supporting Christians in the workplace across the spheres of influence
  • City-wide evangelistic campaign using coordinated advertising and resources.

Our financial support will help these initiatives get up and running. Our gifts will make a real difference to God’s mission in our country.