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Sheldon Bangera is a worship leader, song-writer, music composer and producer from Mumbai, India. He is married to Anita Bangera and is father to Amanah Rose and Shanaya Grace.

Initially, an Engineer by profession, Sheldon turned full time musician at the age of 25. Ever since, Sheldon has penned over 200 worship songs, many of which are sung in churches across the world. Sheldon is a good connector with campus students through his inspirational life story and contextualised music.

One of the most influential worship leaders of this generation, Sheldon has travelled to over 10 countries and hundreds of cities around the world. From 2016 to 2018, Sheldon and the band travelled to more than a hundred cities in India by road, reaching out to half a million people as part of the India On Wheels Tour. In 2019, Sheldon and the band travelled to 22 cities and 12 states of the USA as part of the America On Wheels Tour winning the hearts of thousands of Americans.

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