Our fantastic, fun-packed programmes for children aged from 3 months up are run by experts in children’s ministry. Your kids will love them and leave with amazing Spring Harvest memories and some new friends!

Everyone follows the same theme, so whilst you’re learning about prayer in the adult programme, your kids will be learning about it too.


The Under Five’s programme for children aged 3 months to 4 years is run for 3 sessions a day. Your child can be registered for one of two morning sessions and the afternoon session; 10-11.15am or 11.45am–1pm and then 3-4pm. Morning sessions are booked on a first come-first served basis when you arrive at the event.

Whatever your child’s age or ability, get ready for top quality care and a space where your little ones will learn more about our great God!

If your child is 4 years old and has been in school from September 2018 and full-time for at least a term, they can choose to join the 5-7s programme.


Children in this age group meet all morning, from 10am until 1pm. There is no meeting in the evening. There will be big worship times, stories and dramas, great activities, creative crafts, fun prayers, and of course, time for play and snacks!

Please provide a labelled snack and drink for your child each day. Please do not send glass bottles or products containing nuts into the venue.

Children aged 7 who are currently in Year 3 (this means their 8th birthday is prior to 31st August) may choose to register in either the 5-7s or 8-11s programme


Older children meet all morning from 10am – 1pm and again each evening, from 6.45-8.45pm. Our 8-11s programme has a great mix of worship, big games, puppets and drama, plus plenty of Bible based teaching to explore this year’s theme. We also have small group work with times for prayer, discussion and activities and, weather permitting, we get outside for some outdoor games as well!

Please provide a labelled snack and drink for your child each day. Please do not send glass bottles or products containing nuts into the venue.

Children aged 11 can choose to register for the 8-11s programme, or join our Distinctive programme for 11-14s. No registration is required for Distinctive.

Additional Needs

If your child has an additional need (anything that may mean they need a little extra care and attention), please click below.

Parent Information

If you’re a parent or carer on your own at Spring Harvest, have a chat to the Team in the Nursery who may be able to arrange babysitting, so you can get out to the programme in the evening sometime. Additionally we understand that many parents are unable to leave young children and don’t want to miss out on the teaching, so all Butlins accommodation (except Silver Caravans or the Bayside apartments at Butlins Minehead) has TVs which show Chalet TV broadcasts. These channels screen the majority of meetings in the main venue, are broadcast live, and repeated afterwards on one of two channels. (Unfortunately this is not available in Harrogate but we endeavour to stream the main evening celebrations).

Please note that these services are supplied by third parties and reliant on the existing technical infrastructure. Spring Harvest has no control over or ownership of the technical systems used and service provided and cannot guarantee delivery to all chalets, although we do endeavour for this to reach as many people as possible.

Children in adult venues

Accompanied babies and children are allowed into adult venues. However, we ask you to take other guests into consideration, and also the worship and talk recordings. Do sit where you can exit easily so that you can leave the session should your child become unsettled.

Please follow the stewards instructions about where to leave buggies and don’t block fire exit routes or aisles.

There is a parent’s area in the main venue. Please sit here if your children are being looked after elsewhere so we can find you quickly should it be necessary.

We recommend that if you choose to bring young children into the main celebration, you should be aware of the location of loudspeakers, as younger ears could be affected by the volume if they get too close.


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