We are committed to providing top class teaching for all our young people and we love to see the journey so many go on in their time with us. Our youth programmes run at similar times to the adult programme, with a morning session and evening celebration, and during the afternoon you can make the most of the Butlins facilities, play some sport or just hang out!


Our Distinctive team can’t wait to get started engaging with and teaching young people more about God (and having lots of fun along the way!). Our hope is you will leave fired up and ready to live life distinctively for God.

Our programme offers great Bible teaching that is always relevant, fantastic worship opportunities, small groups work, prayer, seminars, workshops…plus lots of fun with our great team!


iSCAPE (15-18s*)

Hmmm, how can we describe our iScape programme? Try, if you will, to picture a room full of older teenagers. Now picture a team of amazing youth workers, worship leaders and Bible teachers with them, talking to them and teaching them about God. Now throw in a healthy dollop of fun and antics alongside and you might just be starting to get the idea!

Chock full of amazing worship some engaging Bible teaching and loads of opportunity to be as creative as you like, iScape offers the chance to take another step forward in your walk with God. Don’t miss it!

Additional Needs

If your child has an additional need (anything that may mean they need a little extra care and attention), please click below.

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