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Our offering supports the ministry of Essential Christian and Spring Harvest – enabling the all year-round equipping of churches for action and the annual banquet of our main event.

We feel called to accelerate the evangelistic nature of our event, to make more space for the next generation and to invite more people to the feast (see Luke 14 for inspiration!) Our bursary fund has been around £70,000 for a number of years. What if we could double it? What if we could triple it? We could bring many to Spring Harvest for a life-changing encounter with God in 2023 to discover The Upside Down Kingdom where they are the guests of honour. Those who don’t know Jesus yet, those who can’t afford holidays, those who have given up hope of being a guest at anyone’s table.

Our online offering will last from the beginning of April to June 30th 2022.

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Ways you can give

One-off giving

Make a one-off gift to support Essential Christian, the home of Spring Harvest.
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Regular giving

Stand with us financially and support the ministry through to 2023!
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Make a gift through your will that will see lives transformed for years to come!
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You can also give to us via Standing Order, bank transfer, cheque
 or with Stewardship or CAF.
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Our Tithe

Ten percent of all one-off gifts (and fifty percent of what is raised by children and young people) is given away. This year, we are delighted that we have been awarded a grant to help people discover the great joy of generosity, which means we can match, pound-for-pound, what we tithe from the offering. It will create a seed fund to kickstart projects that Restore, Renew and Rebuild communities where God has given you a vision for it. Watch the two videos below to find out more.
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Thank you

THANK YOU for your generosity last year and to our beautiful regular-giving partners. As ever, the money raised in our offering has helped Essential Christian to deliver Spring Harvest with as much accessibility as possible. The bursary fund has been used this year to bring people here who couldn’t be here otherwise, for inspiration, refreshment and encouragement. In addition, it continues to help us navigate these changing times and innovate for the future. This year we have launched two free services; My Spring Harvest, with new resources every month, and Essential Christian Songs to equip for worship.

Our event theme last year was worship. Our offering tithe went to an organisation that was born out of the worship industry in the UK. Justice and Mercy International have used nearly £7000 that we sent them to fund Jungle Church Mission Trips across the Amazon region, helping local people to reach those deep in the jungle who haven’t yet heard about Jesus. They have sent out two trips already where indigenous congregations are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. The money raised by our children and young people, as we requested, is being used to stock up new libraries for the children of the river communities, helping them to receive an education without involving dangerous boat trips.

Thank you for all you have given.

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