The Skyline Exhibition provides a diverse and stimulating area for guests to meet new organisations, learn about mission opportunities and buy gifts and resources. Our intention is that the help and advice gathered in the exhibition will be of value long after their stay at Spring Harvest is over. We have a number of opportunities to exhibit and advertise available.

Who exhibits in The Skyline?

Every year a breadth of organisations join the Skyline Exhibition to offer our guests a huge range of products and resources to challenge, encourage and enjoy.  A number of different mission organisations, charities, retailers and other resource providers exhibit with us each year.

Book for 2015

Booking will be available this autumn for The Skyline 2015. If you're interested in exhibiting or advertising with us, our exhibition manager Lucy would love to hear from you - she can answer any questions you may have and add your email address to a list so that you hear first when bookings are open. 

» Email Lucy

» Call Lucy on 01825 746522

We look forward to welcoming you to the Skyline at Easter 2015