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Ministry Impact

Spring Harvest 2023

Spring Harvest is a team effort...

Everyone has a part to play. We’re grateful to all be in this together and give all the glory to God for all He does in us and through us.

We thank those who pray for us because they know it makes all the difference. We recognise the generosity of those who give financially and whose ministry of giving enables so much to be achieved in the ongoing history of the health of the UK church. 
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Spring Harvest 2023 in numbers

People attended Alpha sessions
Donated in the offering to support the work of Essential Christian & Spring Harvest
Applied for and received a bursary grant to attend
Young people chose to follow Jesus
Prisons received livestreams
Prisoners able to view our event
Pastoral appointments onsite
Community projects funded
There was a young girl who spent one of the worship sets crying and being prayed for by a group of friends and a leader. At the end of the set she felt peace. She had been abused as a child and her body carried physical scars from the abuse; after she had been prayed for the scars had disappeared.
“I am Alastair and have Down’s Syndrome. I went to Count Everyone in with my dad every day. He thought it was as good as the evening meetings at Studio36. We want to say a big big thank you to Janneke and her team because she is brilliant and the stories were wonderful. She even made a sign for jet propelled horses. We hope you are not worn out and were also blessed.”
My 8-year-old daughter has had an awesome week. She gave her life to Jesus. We go to church as a family. So I asked her what was different. She said “Before, I knew about God, but this week I met him.” She woke up on the morning after making a commitment to follow Jesus, and immediately was reading her Bible, instead of playing on her tablet.
I spent most of the service in tears seeing children and adults fully engaged in worship, praying for others. It was amazing! I shall be taking back so many new ideas and practices, but most importantly, I have felt afresh God’s heart and love for children. Thank you!

It takes a team to do all this. A wonderful, committed, and competent team, who give so much, because they believe in our mission and vision.

Read more stories and find out all the details in the full report.
Download the full Ministry Impact report
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