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Our financial position

He is faithful.

Spring Harvest is an adventure of faith. Through the pandemic we rediscovered our pioneering DNA and emerged with new resources ready to equip a restored, renewed and rebuilt church landscape.

Spring Harvest is changing.

2023 Turnover = £2.87 million

There are 5370 charities in England and Wales in this income band (£1-5 million). The
average number of employees in this band is 105, the average number of volunteers is
172. (Data from Charity Commission.) Spring Harvest has fewer than 20 employees and
more than 800 volunteers.

Ten Top Takeaways

  • Spring Harvest can achieve a lot with a little – we make the most of every penny
    in delivering our events and resources.
  • Charitable giving makes up 19% of our income – we are so grateful and don’t take
    it for granted. Everything we do is made possible by the generosity of our partners.
  • The ‘Everyone In’ fund this year is 50% larger than it was in 2022 (which works
    out as 2.1% of budget as opposed to 1.4%). More than 600 people will benefit
    from discounts and grants to attend Spring Harvest.
  • The offering tithe was doubled by match funding and 12 impressive community
    projects have been set up thanks to seed funding, with more to come.
  • My Spring Harvest is now providing inspiring and relevant content every month,
    free of charge, to resource individuals, churches and communities across the
  • We feel called to continue making space for everyone to encounter God, to be
    inspired with confident faith and to see transformation in lives and communities
    by the power of Jesus.
  • At the event in 2022, over 600 children, young people and adults committed or
    re-committed their lives to Jesus.
  • We continue to receive testimonies and thanks, week by week, regarding the fruit
    that grows from what we have planted, thanks to your praying, giving and
  • In 2023, the Spring Harvest live feed will be streamed into 75 prisons around the
  • With rising costs and all spending tightly monitored, it is difficult to balance the
    books and a ‘faith gap’ remains. If you can afford to give a little or a lot,
    occasionally or regularly, you can be assured it will be used wisely for building
    the Kingdom of God.
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