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Spring Harvest Seed Fund

Ten percent of all one-off gifts to Essential Christian through Spring Harvest (and fifty percent of what is raised by children and young people) is given away. We are delighted that we have been awarded a grant to help people discover the great joy of generosity. 

 This means that in 2022 we can match, pound-for-pound, what we tithe from the offering. It will be a seed fund to kickstart projects that Restore, Renew and Rebuild communities where God has given you a vision for it. 

Watch these two videos to find out more. You can apply! It could be for a community event, a school uniform project, a homeless café, something small, something big. 

If you need some money to get started, we’d love to stand alongside you, provide that seed, and see the vision grow and bear fruit.
Apply to the Seed Fund now

Seed Fund Criteria

For the 2022 event, the criteria will centre around the theme of Restore, Renew, Rebuild. The Restore theme will invite projects focused on personal restoration, while renew will represent missional projects and rebuild will feature projects with a wider, global focus. As such, this funding will support people seeking to start projects within these three themes.

Anyone seeking to apply for the seed funding will need to/ be:

  • A committed Christian and an active member of their local church
  • Able to assent to the Evangelical Alliance’s Basis of Faith
  • Seek funding between £500 and £5000 as an individual, not an organisation
  • Seek funding for a brand-new project, not an existing one
  • Able to provide two character references to attest to their Christian faith and character

Restore Stream criteria definition

  • This stream will seek to seed projects with a focus on personal restoration. Projects within this stream would have a greater focus on empowering and releasing people to pursue restoration in their own lives. E.g. projects with a focus on coaching, mentoring, etc…

Renew Stream Criteria definition

  • Projects within this stream will focus releasing individuals for missional work within localities or communities such as social justice or social action projects on a local scale. e.g. outreach work, people on the margins projects etc..

Rebuild Stream

  • This stream will encompass projects that have a much wider vision and focus and will encourage people who have a heart to see restoration beyond their local communities. E.g. projects reaching people outside their localities or outside the UK, etc…
Apply to the Seed Fund now
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