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Easter 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are many things to consider and many questions regarding the 2023 Spring Harvest event. These frequently asked questions will be updated when we have new information, so please do visit again!

If you have any questions that are not covered, please email us and we will reply as soon as we can.
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I’m coming to Spring Harvest at Butlins, do I get free access to Spring Harvest Home?

In 2023, the only way to Spring Harvest Home will be buying a ticket for £24.99. Anyone is welcome to do so and all the content (including talks, worship, interviews, prayer and banter) will be there until 30 April. You can buy at any time from any place, even from Butlins if you have a device and enough data or wifi. Please note, Spring Harvest Home will only be providing streamed content from Studio 36 in Minehead along with great live hosting. There will not be extra teaching sessions from other venues. There will be a handful of seminars, but these will also be made available on our YouTube channel and will not be exclusive.

If what you would really like to see again is the talks, these will all be available in two other ways that you might find better value for money. The talks will be available digitally (forever) on EC-GO. It includes content from both sites and many further sessions from smaller seminar venues, both from this year and past years. An annual subscription is usually £65 but it will be sold for £30 as a special event offer. We will also be making available a USB stick of all the teaching from this year’s event (one for Minehead and one for Skegness) at an event price of £35 each or £60 for two.

What age groups are the kids and youth groups?

At Skegness & Minehead the kids groups are 0-4, 5-7, 8-11, 11-14 and 14-18.

Where is my brochure?

We are taking positive steps to improve our sustainability both behind the scenes and on resort. There will be some noticeable differences. One of those is the brochure. We’ve decided not to print a full brochure as all the information is available on our website.

When do bookings open for 2023?

Bookings for Spring Harvest 2023 will open at 8am on 8th June 2022.

When the time comes, the fastest and easiest way to book for the event is online.

You can also book by phone directly with Butlin’s on 0330 100 9330 – but please be aware that the first two hours are the busiest time to book.

Groups of 16 people or more and people requiring adapted accommodation will need to call the site directly from 8am.
Skegness: 0330 100 9331
Minehead: 0330 100 9332

What are the dates for Spring Harvest 2023?

Both events at Minehead and Skegness will take place on 10th - 14th April 2023.

Butlins facilities open from around 12pm, access to chalets will be from around 4pm and our first sessions will start from 6.45pm. Check out for Butlin's chalets is 10am, and our final sessions will finish around 12pm.

My Spring Harvest

Is MY Spring Harvest an App?

MY Spring Harvest is not an app. It is not in the app store. It is an area of our Spring Harvest website. We have made it look like a mobile app so that it can be used easily at our events on mobile devices.

Is it free to join MY Spring Harvest?

Yes, it is completely free. All we need is your email address and some details about you.  

Is the programme for Spring Harvest 2023 in MY Spring Harvest? 

Yes, you can find the event programme in the event experience section of MY Spring Harvest. 

Will MY Spring Harvest event experience work if I don’t have internet? 

No, you will need to look at My Spring Harvest on a WiFi-enabled device. Butlin’s have WiFi networks at both Minehead and Skegness. It will also work if you have data on your phone or device.

Do I have to sign up for MY Spring Harvest again this year?

If you signed up for MY Spring Harvest in 2022 or throughout the last year you do not have to sign up again. Just log in with the email address and password you used when you originally signed up. If you have forgotten, then you have the option to reset this password before you come to the site.

Help, I’m having problems logging in or signing up

If you have signed up before but can’t remember what email address you used, we would encourage you to search your inboxes for past emails from us. We send a monthly newsletter to MY Spring Harvest subscribers.

If you can’t remember your password, please click the magic link button when prompted. This link will give you access to MY Spring Harvest without you remembering your password. You can also use the ‘Forgotten password’ link to get a new one. 

I still need help 

In a situation where you have tried all the help options already suggested but still need help, you can email us at [email protected]. However, please bear in mind that we are a very small team running an event for 10,000+ people. We really love helping but we may not be able to solve your issue straight away. This is the first year we are using MY Spring Harvest to deliver the programme and other event-related things. We are learning and making improvements all the time. We ask for your patience and grace. 

How can I help?

Can I volunteer?

Yes please! Every year our Spring Harvest family expands as a huge team of people in a variety of roles bring Spring Harvest to life. Spring Harvest’s remarkable army of volunteers benefit from free accommodation and meals, plus a contribution towards travel costs. Serving alongside the full-time team, you get to experience the ministry of Spring Harvest and know that you have made a difference as people worship, learn and laugh together. And there is always time off to experience the event!

Why not consider joining one of the teams in 2023 where you can serve our guests and contribute to the life-changing ministry of Spring Harvest? Many volunteers build up lasting friendships and return year after year.

How can I support Spring Harvest?

There are many ways in which you can support Spring Harvest: through prayer, encouraging friends to attend, volunteering or giving financially. See below for more details.


Do you have a wait list for accommodation?

We are not able to hold a wait list as we are not routinely told of cancellations. Our best advice is that you call the Butlin's booking line on 0330 100 9330 from time to time to ask if there is any suitable accommodation available.

Will there be Chalet TV in my accommodation?

We know that Chalet TV has been valued by some of our guests in the past, but we are no longer able to guarantee its availability in accommodation due to the aging equipment it relies upon. We may be able to offer an alternative means of watching the main sessions in your accommodation via the internet if a cost effective way of doing so can be found.

Can I book a caravan that’s already at Butlin’s?

Yes, you can book a privately owned caravan at Butlin's and but you will then also need to book Day Visitor passes to access the Spring Harvest event. Day Visitor passes will be available closer to the event.

Can I bring a touring caravan to Spring Harvest?

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to take bookings for touring caravans. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused.

Can I request ground floor accommodation?

Yes, you can do this for an additional £15 charge.
Blue badge holders can be reimbursed this charge by calling Guest Services once on site at Butlin's.

Do Butlin’s have single accommodation?

A small amount of single accommodation is made available for one person to occupy at a supplement of £30 (however, this accommodation mostly sells out on the day booking lines open).

Do Butlin’s have disabled/adapted accommodation?

Yes, there is a limited amount on each site. Please phone Butlin’s Minehead on 0330 100 9332 or Skegness on 0330 100 9331 to check availability and book, as this can’t be booked online.

Please note that the fully adapted accommodation usually sells quickly, so we advise booking immediately on the day booking lines open to avoid disappointment.

Is there a waiting list for accommodation?

Unfortunately we and Butlin’s are unable to keep a waiting list. However, if accommodation comes back on sale through cancellations or other reasons, Butlin's will add this to their website so please check for availability occasionally. However, we cannot promise this will happen to any significant extent, if at all.

Prices for Skegness & Minehead

How much is the dining package?

There are two Dining Packages available, Standard and Premium.
Standard: Adult £22.75, Child (6-14) £11.40, Child (2-5) £5.70.
Premium: Adult £29.95, Child (6-14) £15, Child (2-5) £7.50.

Prices are per person, per day.

How can I book day visitor passes?

Day Visitor passes will be available closer to the event. You can see the prices on our prices page -

Do I have to pay in full at time of booking, and if not, when is full payment due?

You only need to pay an initial deposit of £35 per adult and £20 per child aged two to 14 unless booking within 70 days of the start, as that’s when you’ll need to pay in full. Butlin’s are happy for you to spread the cost throughout the year using

Groups can also spread the cost throughout the year using the same system.

If a child comes instead of an adult, or if someone cancels so there’s an empty bed, will I be charged the child rate?

Yes, empty bed spaces are charged at the child rate.

How much does it cost for children to attend?

Subtract £20 from the brochure price for children two to 14 years, children under two years may attend free of charge.

Discounts & Concessions

Our Church includes a family of asylum seekers and another on a very low income. Can you help them to come?

Our bursaries help people in severe hardship who otherwise could not afford to attend, even with a Concession payment.
Application must be made by a church leader and the church must offer some support. The bursary will not cover meals or travel costs.

Is there any help for benefit recipients?

Anyone who has booked for Spring Harvest and receives certain state benefits may apply for a payment from our Concession fund using our simple online form. You will be asked to upload evidence of your benefit (eg a photo or pdf of a letter) and details of your booking.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

Yes we do. For Skegness and Minehead the 16th guest in the group is booked free of charge. If booking for Skegness or Minehead, groups of 16 people or more will need to call the resort directly. Skegness: 0330 100 9331 Minehead: 0330 100 9332.

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