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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Swap PowerPoint for Dedicated Church Presentation Software

Rich Burrough, CCLI


A few years ago, shortly after moving house, I decided to visit the church on the corner of our new road. On arrival, I was warmly welcomed, and then something unexpected happened. I was handed a hymnbook.


As I took my seat, I flicked to the front, intrigued to see when it was published – 1983! It made me wonder if this was their only source of songs, and how sad that would be given all the wonderful songs written since that have impacted and inspired churches across the world.

And it struck me that even now the adoption of technology, and specifically computer projection, can still feel like a significant challenge for many churches.

CCLI was born in 1988 in direct response to the way technology was changing how congregations sing. Overhead projectors were replacing hymnbooks, and as they disappeared, so did the proportion of the cover price paid in royalties to the featured songwriters. A new system for honouring those writers was required and the Church Copyright Licence was born. Now, computers have largely replaced the acetate, and more often than not, rely on that ubiquitous and universally familiar presentation tool – PowerPoint!

But is there a better way? There are now a plethora of presentation tools purpose-built for churches. Surely, with so many great alternatives made specifically to meet our needs, we would be deserting PowerPoint in our droves. So what’s holding so many churches back? Why should you consider making the change, and what will you gain?

Without further ado, here are the five top reasons I believe a dedicated church presentation platform will benefit your church…

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