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An interview with Patrick Regan on tour

November 24, 2021

Patrick Regan, a close friend of Spring Harvest and member of the planning group is currently out on his Bouncing Forward Tour visiting churches across the UK. The tour has already been on the road for a couple of weeks with Patrick and the Kintsugi Hope team clocking up the miles and seeing hundreds of people.

We caught up with Patrick earlier this week to find out how the tour has been going.

Spring Harvest: Tell us about the tour, what’s it all about?

Patrick Regan: The Bouncing Forwards tour aims to create a safe and supportive space where we can look at the topics of resilience, courage and change. It’s a relaxed evening in churches all over the UK ranging from Blackpool to Ipswich. It includes live music, interviews, videos and it’s just such an inspirational time to be part of.

SH: How is it going so far?

PR: The Bouncing Forwards tour has surpassed our expectations. There have been so many beautiful stories of people engaging with the content. The atmosphere at the venues has been electric, the event organisers have been fantastic. It has been such a privilege to speak into these key issues at this time, especially as we head into winter.

SH: Do you have any good stories from any of the tour events?

PR: I am always amazed at how resilient the human spirit is and at every event we hear stories of people that have overcome adversity - whether that be physical adversity, mental or emotional adversity, people who have loved against all the odds, people who tell us their stories of pain and heartache, stories of courage and vulnerability.

There are just too many to mention. One lady, who was a wheelchair user, had been prescribed the wrong medication. She lost her balance as she approached me. She wasn’t a picture of bitterness or resentment, but a beautiful picture of grace and mercy. People like this inspire me every single time.

We have seen doctors who are compassionate about their community, talking about their love for their community. We've met police officers who are burnt out and signed off work due to anxiety. We have met with parents who's children have died by suicide, thanking us for speaking about mental health. The whole thing has been heart-warming and heart breaking.

SH: What’s been your favourite moment of the tour so far?

PR: My favourite moment of the tour is always talking to individuals. I love it. I always love hearing their stories. I love being inspired by them. It is such an honour to share this content which so many have said is timely.

SH: Can people still buy tickets?

PR: Yes you can still buy tickets for a few of the shows

It would be amazing to see you there.

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