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Core morning programme for adults at Spring Harvest 2023

March 9, 2023

The event programme this year will be hosted in My Spring Harvest – an area of the Spring Harvest website. It will be free to everyone and contain all the information you need. There will also be a printed programme this year for those who want to buy one. (It will only include the basics and will be costed accordingly to cover paper, print and transport.)

Before they are ready, we know that some of you like to know what to expect. Our core programme for adults has changed a little. All the content will be based around our theme: Flipped – life in the upside-down Kingdom as seen in Matthew’s Gospel.

We have explained the evening celebrations in more detail here:

Wider afternoon programme information is available here:


There will be two consecutive (and equally brilliant) Bible Teaching sessions each morning. You can choose to attend one or both. Other morning sessions will run concurrently.

10.00am Bible: Thinking it Through with John Swinton in Minehead and Malcolm Duncan in Skegness. The session will start with worship and leave plenty of time for in-depth Bible teaching on Matthew’s gospel and the Kingdom of God.

11.45am Bible: Working it Out with Rachel Gardner in Minehead and Sam Ward in Skegness. Exploring the same passages from Matthew’s gospel in a different way. This teaching aims to be practical, applied and accessible, with time for thought and response.

10.00am Seven Questions Every Child Will Ask with Care for the Family

Join Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill in Minehead, Robin Vincent and Gill Lyth in Skegness for parenting sessions on Foundations, Security and Meaning.

10.00am Alpha

Do you wonder, ‘Is there more to life than this?’ Do you need to ask questions about your doubts and beliefs in a safe environment? Do you want to learn more about the ministry of Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Come and join Alpha UK as they lead their Stay Curious programme.

10.00am Space to Be – Skegness only

A quiet space for those on their own who would like to find someone to chat with, or for those who would like to get away from the noise and bustle and just ‘be’.

11.45am A Journey Through the Beatitudes with Home for Good

Join Tania Bright and Nigel Langford in Minehead and Martin Young and Claire Hailwood in Skegness for in-depth and engaging sessions unpacking The Beatitudes. What is ‘blessed’, who is blessed and what is the Kingdom of God?

11.45am Emotional Wellbeing Stream with Dr Kate Middleton in Minehead:

“More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.” (Prov 4:23) But in times when we are more aware of the challenges to our mental health than ever, how do we protect our own minds, and also support those we love and lead to live well in spite of the pressures all around? This stream will combine wisdom from psychology, neuroscience and medicine with the ancient wisdom of the Bible to offer reassurance, inspiration and practical advice for emotional wellbeing in the 21st century world.

11.45am Emotional Wellbeing Stream with Patrick Regan of Kintsugi Hope in Skegness:

Discover Patrick’s successful and popular content around tackling anxiety, perfectionism and anger. There will also be a Kintsugi art making session on Thursday afternoon.

In Minehead, The Church Growth Stream with the Centre for Church Multiplication will be in the mornings at 11.45am. It will be in the afternoons in Skegness at 4pm. Sessions include; Can Anyone Start a New Church?; The Gospel Still Works; and Simple Church.

We’re working on opening times for the swimming pool in the morning so that if what you really need is relaxation without the young people... you can find it. Of course there are also beach walks and so much more, with space to connect with God in the Prayerhouse or elsewhere.

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