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Easter 2025

Important Skegness Spring Harvest news

March 6, 2023

*Minehead guests are not affected by these two news items for 2023.

For those who are fans of ‘the good old days’ there is news… 

Big Top

there will be a Big Top Tent in Skegness! Butlin's are making exciting renovations to Studio 36, making it better-than-ever for 2024. However, that does mean we can’t use it during the event this year. Instead, there’s a special tent going up just for us. It will have the same capacity and contain all the same great content we have planned. 

The only available space for a tent this size is next to Pig and Whistle (formerly Crazy Horse), which is under the tunnel (across the main road) near the caravan parks. We estimate it to be a 7-minute walk from The Skyline. It would be worth remembering scooters for those who aren’t keen walkers. Being a mile wide means the Skegness resort always helps us stay fit – another reason to love Spring Harvest!

The content from The Big Tent will be relayed onto a screen with a seating area in The Skyline

Chalet TV

And for those who are fans of all things new and modern… we have also discovered that the systems used to support Chalet TV will not be functional – the connections have been deteriorating and are no longer fit for purpose. They are not being renewed and so we have happily found a work-around. 

We will be making a livestream of The Big Tent on a dedicated web page within My Spring Harvest. It is only available on the resort and is completely free to use for those who are with us. All you need to do is sign in to My Spring Harvest as usual (this is where you will access the event programme) and click the Big Tent Livestream banner. Premium Butlin's wifi will be available to everyone on the resort in order to access this. Please note, this does not stretch to the caravan sites, but you may still be able to watch with your own data allowance.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to watch The Big Tent from your chalet, you will need to bring an internet-ready device with a web browser to watch on. You may be able to connect this device to the TV in your chalet if you use Chromecast or another similar system, but we cannot promise this as it depends on each chalet TV and your own technology.

If you are facing any problems accessing the feed and you are relying on it, don’t hesitate to come to the My Spring Harvest Stand in the Skyline and we will try to help you get connected, though sadly we won’t be able to give you a device to watch on.

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