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Introducing Stewardship and our 2023 Offering

March 14, 2023

This world encourages us to keep all we can, but Jesus encourages us to give all we have. Radical generosity is part of life in the upside-down Kingdom, as we’ll be discovering afresh at Spring Harvest this year. Being wildly generous is wonderful, but we could all do with a little bit of help; some of us with motivation, some with practicalities, some with both!

We are delighted now to be partnering with Stewardship as our primary giving platform. They are experts in Christian giving and active generosity. As such, they can help us to maximise the resources that God has given us through the generosity of his people: time, abilities and, of course, money. 

We know that God calls us to live differently to those around us to give him glory, and that includes how we manage our finances. Not everyone will be able to give money, perhaps this year more than ever, but we’re excited that Stewardship will be joining us to explore more of what radical generosity looks like in this season. 

There’s a synergy between our ambitions – as Spring Harvest makes space for God to give inspiration and vision, Stewardship can provide the tools to resource that vision. If you feel moved to support the work of Spring Harvest through Essential Christian, you’ll now do so with Stewardship, so we’d love you to get to know them a little better. Our friends are your friends!

Who is Stewardship?

For over 100 years, Stewardship have helped Christians, charities and churches activate generosity, resource their calling and make a difference in Jesus' name. They partner with over 10,000 individuals, churches, and charities as they seek to resource ministry in the UK and beyond.

Stewardship also has a growing community of nearly 40,000 generous givers – we would love to invite you to join that community of active stewards at Spring Harvest this year. 

Why give with Stewardship?

It’s so easy! You can do so as a guest as often as you like, but you can also make your life easier and be ready for Spring Harvest by opening a Stewardship Giving Account. It’s simple to do and you can make regular and one-off gifts with the account. 

Giving with Stewardship obviously helps us as a charity, but there are also lots of benefits for you as a giver. With a Stewardship Giving Account, you can:

  • Easily manage all your charitable giving in one place, online
  • Give safely and securely 
  • Maximise your giving with Instant Gift Aid (where applicable)
  • Choose to give anonymously if you prefer
  • Activate your generosity – find and support a mix of causes close to your heart

In addition to all of that, there are benefits to Spring Harvest including a reduced admin burden, a boost to cashflow with Stewardship’s Instant Gift Aid feature, and it enables online fundraising – which you can do too! 

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