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Spring Harvest 'Seed Fund' Sparks Community Transformation Nationwide

February 13, 2024

The Spring Harvest ‘Seed Fund’ gave away nearly £13,000 to community projects across the UK in 2023! 

Every year, Spring Harvest event guests contribute to a unique and impactful initiative – the Spring Harvest Seed Fund. The Seed Fund is designed to support small community initiatives and projects set up to effect positive change. 10% of the Spring Harvest event offering is set aside to create the Seed Fund. 

The Spring Harvest Seed Fund received applications from a diverse range of projects aimed at catalysing positive change in communities across the country. Nearly £13,000 was awarded across multiple projects. The chosen projects selected for funding embody the ethos of the Seed Fund and reflect the core values of what Spring Harvest is all about. 

Here are just a few of those projects:

Catharine Bates' Selective Mutism Forest School: Nurturing Well-being in Unique Environments

Catharine Bates' Selective Mutism Forest School project addresses the unique needs of children with selective mutism, providing a safe and nurturing environment for outdoor activities and promoting positive well-being. By catering to the emotional needs of vulnerable children, Catharine's initiative aligns closely with the Seed Fund's focus on serving marginalised communities and promoting social justice.

Claire White's The Family Community Choir: Uniting Unchurched Families Through Music

Claire White's project seeks to foster unity and belonging among unchurched children and families through the power of music and worship. By providing a space for families to come together across different communities, Claire's project embodies the Seed Fund's vision of building community cohesion and resilience through supportive relationships.

Mitch Jones' Reading Safe Space Home of First Stop: A Beacon of Hope and Compassion

Mitch Jones' project represents a beacon of hope and compassion in the heart of Reading. By providing a safehaven for individuals in need, including medical services and emotional support, Mitch's initiative epitomizes the Seed Fund's commitment to serving the marginalized and vulnerable in society.

Dawn Roderick's St. Martin's Family Club: Fostering Community Cohesion Through Kindness

Dawn Roderick's initiative offers an afternoon club for families in Bradley, fostering community cohesion and trust through kindness, love, and compassion. By providing a supportive environment for families to come together, Dawn's project exemplifies the Seed Fund's focus on building resilient communities rooted in faith and fellowship.

Abby Guinness, Head of Spring Harvest said, “These projects, each unique in its approach and impact, offer a glimpse into the incredible work thousands of people are doing across the country. The Spring Harvest Seed Fund is there to help those people who want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. By nurturing visionary initiatives and empowering individuals to effect change in their communities, the Seed Fund continues to sow seeds of hope and transformation across the nation. We’re happy to be able to support others through the generosity we’ve received.”

About Spring Harvest Seed Fund

The Spring Harvest Seed Fund is an annual initiative that allocates 10% of the offering generously given by Spring Harvest attendees to support transformative projects in communities across the nation. The fund aims to empower individuals and nurture visionary initiatives that bring about positive change aligned with Spring Harvest's teachings and values.

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