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Important News: Over 13K people joined us at Spring Harvest 2024. Prayer point: Spring Harvest 2025 bookings open June 12th. Prayer point: We want to resource the whole church for action, 365 days of the year. Please pray that more people discover MY Spring Harvest through the helpful resources we're uploading. Prayer point: Did you visit the Home For Good stand in the exhibition? Would you consider pledging to pray for a child?

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Spring Harvest Worship Playlist

Welcome to our Worship playlist. It's where you'll find loads of great worship songs, old and new. We'll keep on updating this on a monthly basis so keep an eye out for fresh songs as they drop in. We hope you enjoy worshipping with them as much as we do! 

Another Mother Podcast

Welcome to Another Mother. It’s a brand new podcast with Emma Borquaye. We’ve got so many amazing guests lined up for us to learn from and laugh with.

We’ve got an episode coming out every other week and we're so excited for these conversations

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