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Another Mother: A new My Spring Harvest Podcast with Emma Borquaye

Emma Borquaye

With my newborn baby in my arms and my toddler jumping off the sofa next to me, I looked my own mum in the eye and said ‘Please. Tell me one thing I can do to make this a bit easier?’

She and my dad had raised me and my two sisters in a beautiful God-fearing household, and to be honest as the youngest of three it all looked pretty easy to me. But now that I was here, in the thick of raising little ones, I realised it is far from easy.

I’m Emma, by the way. I have two children, Ezra who is 3, and Halle who was born just a few months ago - in December 2022, and I’m married to Isaac, also known as Guvna B, he’s a rapper, author, and broadcaster which makes life pretty eventful and unpredictable, but definitely fun. 

However, for life to keep being fun I realised I can’t actually keep winging it the way I had been before. Motherhood feels realer than ever, and it’s a season often marked by loneliness and a lack of confidence, always asking ourselves if we are doing it right, but the bible says “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.” - Psalm 127:3. A heritage and a reward; I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like that on one of the mummy blogs!

There’s a lot of noise out there about how to be a good parent. It can feel like you’re constantly sifting through opinion after opinion, some of it quite negative, and not really knowing where to land. So, I decided I wanted to speak to some of the best people I know, who I trust, that are either alongside me in this season or further ahead and can help me navigate some of the mysteries of parenting and take hold of the joy and reward that is promised. And I’m recording these conversations as a podcast because I think you might wanna hear it too, wherever you’re at on the journey. 

So, welcome Another Mother!

It’s a brand new podcast by My Spring Harvest, with me - Emma Borquaye. We’ve got so many amazing guests lined up for you (and for me!) to learn from and laugh with.  

My first episode is with my husband Isaac, where I get to hear his take on all of this, from the Dad perspective, asking him some of the questions I’ve always wanted to, and talking about how we want to keep legacies of generations before us alive through our own family. 

We’ve got an episode coming out every other week and I’m so excited for these conversations, more from a selfish perspective because I have SO MANY questions and I need a lot of help. But also, because I think it could help a whole generation of parents and in turn, a whole generation of kids.

My hope is that parents might listen to Another Mother and feel less alone, feel seen and heard, and equipped with some practical wisdom that can help them on their own journey of raising little ones, the way that God intended - with all the joy!

The first episode of Another Mother dropped on 22nd May, and we'll release a new episode every other Monday.

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