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Spring Harvest Seed Fund

Ten percent of all one-off gifts given to Essential Christian through Spring Harvest (from 1 April to 30 June) is given away. It creates a seed fund to kickstart projects that show what life is like in Jesus' Kingdom. If God has given you a vision for it, it can become a reality.

Watch the videos below to find out more. You can apply! It could be for a community event, a school uniform project, a homeless café, something small, something big.

If you need some money to get started, we’d love to stand alongside you, provide that seed, and see the vision grow and bear fruit.

You can see stories of projects that have already received funding on our YouTube Channel
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Seed Fund Criteria

The Spring Harvest Seed Fund for 2024 aims to support initiatives that promote the wellbeing of children and young people.

Anyone seeking to apply for the seed funding should be:

  • An attendee of Spring Harvest in 2022, 2023 or 2024 - Minehead, Skegness or Home
  • A committed Christian and an active member of their local church
  • Able to assent to the Evangelical Alliance’s Basis of Faith
  • Seek funding between £500 and £2500 as an individual, or churches working together but not an organisation
  • Seek funding for a brand-new project, not an existing one
  • Able to provide two character references to attest to their Christian faith and character
  • In 2024, there will be an opportunity to apply for four grants of £5000 to establish new youth groups in places not already served with youth work, requiring collaborative efforts with other churches to address existing youth issues within local communities.


Promoting Wellbeing in Children and Young People

Projects under this category should prioritise the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of children and young people. Eligible initiatives may include mental health support programmes, promotion of healthy lifestyles, fostering positive relationships, and providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Examples of suitable projects include mentoring programmes, recreational activities, mental health awareness campaigns, and support groups addressing specific challenges faced by children and young people.


Youth-Led Innovation

We encourage projects initiated and led by young people, leveraging their unique insights and perspectives to drive meaningful change within their communities. Youth-led initiatives should address issues relevant to their communities and align with the overarching theme of Up and Alive. Potential projects could include community gardens, urban green spaces, mental health workshops, creative arts initiatives, and technology-driven programmes addressing digital literacy and online safety.


Kickstarting New Youth Groups

In addition to established initiatives, there will be a one-off opportunity to apply for four £5000 grants to kickstart new youth groups. It is essential that these projects are collaborative efforts involving other churches, aimed at addressing existing youth issues within localities. Proposals should outline clear objectives, activities, and outcomes aimed at enhancing the wellbeing and engagement of young people. Collaboration among churches will promote community cohesion and ensure effective resource utilisation.


Additional Information

We envisage that the one-off £5000 grants will enable churches to hire a youth worker for one day a week to kickstart a new youth group. This investment in youth workers will facilitate the establishment and growth of these groups, providing vital support and guidance to young people within their communities.


Applicants are encouraged to submit detailed plans outlining the intended impact of their projects, target audience, and required resources for effective implementation within their communities.

Notes: Any technical equipment to be purchased by a grant from the seed fund will be agreed on a case by case basis, and the purchase of equipment should not be seen as setting a precedent for all applications.

Process: A panel of Spring Harvest team and external advisors will meet on a regular basis to review applications.  They will then contact the successful applicants to further discuss the proposed project.  Once the review process is completed, applicants will be contacted, and those successful will be advised of the next steps. Spring Harvest will maintain contact with successful applicants in order to support and encourage, and where appropriate, share stories of the project with the Spring Harvest community.  We do ask that a written report of the project’s progress is submitted to Spring Harvest six months after the award of a grant.

Apply to the Seed Fund now
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