What do you do when you have hundreds of young people on a Butlins resort from a huge range of backgrounds and stages of belief?

Well, if you're Spring Harvest you set up two brilliant youth programmes to teach young people about God and help them in the next stage of their journey of faith.

There are two programmes for young people:

Distinctive (11-14s)*

iScape (15-18s)*

Here at Spring Harvest we are committed to providing top class teaching for all our young people and we love to see the journey so many go on in their time with us. Last year's event saw some of our iScape crew heading in to Minehead and Skegness to make a real difference in the community, and we're really excited to find out what God has in store for us this year!

Our youth programmes run at similar times to the adult programme, with a morning session and evening celebration, and during the afternoon you can make the most of the Butlins facilities, play some sport or just hang out! We also have a late-night chill out zone called The Base, make sure you check it out!

Latest news

We are trying something new at Minehead 2. Last year we had a joint youth celebration one night and had really good feedback. So instead of Distinctive aimed at those aged 11-14, and iScape aimed at those aged 15-18, there's a joint youth programme throughout the break. There will still be age-targeted seminars and workshops where it's appropriate, but we'll do loads of stuff together as well.

We're all part of one church so we're really excited to be worshipping God together. And we can't wait to see how much more God will do this year! 














If you've not made up your mind as to whether you'd like to come or not, then here are 10 reasons why you should (and bring your friends!)

  1. Meet loads of other young Christians from all over the UK and have a brilliant time together.
  2. Hear great teaching from some awesome and inspiring teachers, unpacking each day’s theme in a way that can really impact your life.
  3. Learn in small groups where you can have your say and get great advice.
  4. Have fun at the resort with loads of different things to choose from – swimming, bowling, cinema, fun fair and an organised sports programme.
  5. Take part in some great sung worship with well known worship leaders who will really enable you to sing your heart out to God.
  6. Enjoy the late night entertainment, with free concerts, comedy and our late night youth venue.
  7. Get inspired by meeting some amazing Christians who are really making a difference in their communities.
  8. Spend time really focusing on God and strengthening your relationship with him.
  9. Get fired up for God and use your experiences to make a difference when you get back home.
  10. Create some amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

Never been to Spring Harvest before?

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Are you a youth leader?

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* In Skegness, 14 year olds can choose to attend either Distinctive or iScape.