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Easter 2025

A message from us to you

April 18, 2024

We don’t run Spring Harvest, rather we steward it for the next generation. Those who get to serve in this remarkable event, are reminded each year of the history of all that has gone before. As we talk with guests or spend time in churches around the UK, we discover that thousands have their own ‘Spring Harvest story’ which changed the course of their lives.

There are so many stories of how people heard the voice of Jesus and found their calling for what they would go on to do. From the 9-year-old who felt called to be a missionary at Minehead and is today serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship, to the conversation that sparked the beginnings of Home For Good at Skegness; these are moments that we cherish when as we gather as one church across all denominations, sparks of ideas are fanned into flame.

New charities are formed, new initiatives are started....but most importantly, the church is energised and equipped as so many young people begin following Jesus, starting their adventure of a lifetime with Him.

What's your story?

Did you have a God encounter at Spring Harvest this year? We would love to hear your story. If you feel able to share it with us, simply send it via email. Note. We may use it in our marketing if that's OK with you. We absolutely love hearing about the incredible things that happen at Spring Harvest. It really encourages us as a team but it also encourages the thousands of others that come to Spring Harvest.

Thank you for being here and part of this pilgrimage each year. Families, friends, church groups, youth groups all gather as one. We grow in all sorts of ways through teaching and worship and are challenged to Go and make a transformational impact in our communities.

And what a difference God has made through us all, over the years.

Your giving enables our ministry

We couldn't do this without the thousands of people who have given to Spring Harvest. Their giving enables us to continue with ministry work that springs from the Spring Harvest events. If you already give to us, Thank You! We so appreciate your generosity. If you haven't given and want to support us, tap or click the banner below.

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