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On Sunday June 2nd this year, or on a date around then that suits you and your group, help us SHARE SPRING HARVEST. What are you sharing? Your story... what God said or did at Spring Harvest 2024. In doing so, you're doing three things: 

1. Encouraging others in their faith.
2. Giving praise back to God for all he did for you at Spring Harvest.
3. Helping us to promote Spring Harvest 2025.

Maybe you can stand up and share your story. You can show a video that we have made for you and then maybe some of those in your church or community group might join you on the adventure and come along in 2025. Watch the video below for more details.
We've made lots of things for you to use to help you share your Spring Harvest story and tell others about Spring Harvest 2025. 

Simply tap or click a button below to download the resource you want. Once you have downloaded them you can print a poster, a brochure or some flyers to use in your Church. 
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