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Almost there… Programme news for 2024

March 14, 2024

We're almost there! You may be interested to find out more about what will be happening at Spring Harvest this year. This video will give you a quick overview of the programme content for all ages – a ‘shape of the day’.

Programme Overview

There’s also a second video with a bit more detail about the Bible Teaching and Celebrations that adults can choose from. Of course you can try it all, but you might prefer to think about your chosen sessions in advance.

If you prefer to read, all the details are below.

We really hope you have an amazing time and, most importantly, that you feel that you’ve truly invested in your relationship with God and with those you came with.


  • The event starts on Monday afternoon, runs for three full days, and a final Friday morning. You'll be able to arrive from mid day Monday when much of the resort will be available for you to enjoy. Your booking confirmation will tell you what time you can get into your accommodation - usually 4pm.
  • The programme is organised by mornings, afternoons and evenings.
  • Sports, prayer and creativity run throughout the day, as do the Butlins facilities. 
  • You might say the ‘Core sessions’ are the morning Bible Teaching and the evening celebrations.
  • Those aged 0-4 can sign up for one session on each of the full days, it might be first or second half of the morning.
  • Those aged 5-7 get all four mornings of their own content from 10am until 12.55pm.
  • 8-11s get the same fun-packed mornings, but also have four evening sessions as well.
  • Similarly, the 11-16s have morning content from 10am-1pm and evenings from 7-9pm.
  • 16-18s have sessions together at 10am and a choice of breakouts later in the morning. In the evenings, we encourage them to join The Pursuit Celebration in Centre Stage.
  • Young Adults meet together over breakfast to discuss where they’re going to hang out. We recommend the Working-it-out Bible teaching and The Pursuit Celebration.
  • Keen beans can exercise with others from 7.30am, you might want to go to communion at 8am, and the bigger sessions kick off with the Big Start all-age bonanza or the more laid back morning reflection, which is new this year, at 9am.
  • After that, drop your young people to where they want to be and head to one or two sessions up until lunch. This is when the meaty teaching happens and there is some choice of style. 
  • Pick up any younger people you’re responsible for and head forlunch
  • The afternoons are a mix of special recommended sessions, family matineesseminars and workshops starting at 2.30, 3 and 4.30.
  • Or of course you can get sporty with a choice of tournaments, swim, visit the fairground, go to the beach and basically make the most of your holiday.
  • Then it’s time for evening celebrations – there is an amazing one for all-ages together, followed by three choices for adults.
  • The later evening brings further worship for those who want it, or entertainment of all kinds including comedy if you just need to laugh about it all.
  • Fall into bed, rinse and repeat.


  • The Bible Teaching is organised in a similar way to last year if you were with us, in the first and second half of the morning.
  • There’s ‘Thinking it Through’ with Dr Lucy Peppiatt in Minehead or Rev Dr Cris Rogers in Skegness. It’s the in-depth unpacking of the book of Ephesians for people who want to get their brains working and find new understanding. It’s in the first morning session, but this year it will also be repeated in the second morning session in a different venue. You’ll get the same great teaching from the same person in both.
  • But in the second half of the morning, there’s also ‘Working it Out’ with Mark Madavan in Minehead and Dez Brown in Skegness. This is equally rich Bible teaching, but it will have a lighter touch and a more practical and applied approach for living it out day by day. It’s going to be really outstanding content and super accessible for all kinds of people.
  • Some people like to do both, but many find that one of the two is enough.
  • Other morning sessions to choose from include a practical stream on the Up and Alive theme from Home for Good, parenting and marriage seminars with Care for the Family, sessions exploring our wellbeing and mental health, all alongside Alpha and Count Everyone In.


  • The All Age Celebration is a must-attend for many. We really built on this in a new way last year and it was brilliant. It runs from 5.45 until 6.45 so adults can still go on to other celebrations as well.
  • 7pm sees the start of The Gathering in the largest venue. Worship, a talk, and a chance to respond with the Holy Spirit, in the traditional way you might expect from an event like Spring Harvest.
  • It’s 7.15 for Unplugged – a slightly quieter, more relaxed and shorter version of the above with just as much inspiration and opportunity to encounter God. This was new last year and really popular.
  • Then 7.30 for The Pursuit – again, new last year and coming back even better. It’s for everyone aged 16+ who wants to pursue worship with passion and gusto. Again, a bucket-load of inspiration and an invitation to seek a deeper meeting with God.


Check out the programme (digital ready now, printed available to buy at the resort) for all the details of afternoon specials, matinees, workshops, seminars, after hours entertainment (which is looking pretty hot this year), sports tournaments and fun, Kick Academy training, creative studio, prayer space and teaching from 24-7 prayer. 

In Skegness there’s a Children’s Choir running each afternoon. TV’s Dan Walker is visiting Minehead. On both resorts, Amy Orr-Ewing is bringing answers to all the big questions young people are asking, for the young people themselves and all the grown-ups who love them. There’s an adult Scratch Choir with the cast of Love Beyond, and the FEAST Family Picnic is back by popular demand on Wednesday lunchtime.

Could we be any more excited? I don’t think we could! Can’t wait to see you there.

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