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How Spring Harvest guests have changed lives

December 2, 2020

Over the last 40 years, millions have been raised and given away. Incredible ministry projects have been launched and sustained.

You may already know that Spring Harvest has seen challenges in recent years with our own finances, but we have been humbled, blessed and amazed by the goodness of God shown through his people. We couldn’t be more grateful. Gifts given in our offering are now invested into continuing and growing the wider work of Essential Christian, including the bursary scheme supporting families to come to Spring Harvest who couldn’t otherwise be there. We tithe all the gifts, giving a proportion to other excellent causes.

In 2020, in keeping with our ‘Unleashed’ theme, we chose to support churches living out their faith in their communities in challenging circumstances. Despite all the economic hardship of the year, we were delighted to give almost £35,000 each to two projects. Training though International Bible Society and supporting valuable outreach work in Ukraine through Sumy Revival Centre, Lebedyn. We were joined online by speakers in relation to each of these projects and were inspired greatly by their faithfulness.

Thank You

In China, many seminary students can barely afford their tuition fees, whilst many preachers and lay leaders are also under income pressures. Providing Bible tools for study and preaching preparation helps meet a great financial need as well as strengthening the spiritual formation of these individuals. From January to June 2020, you have helped provide Scripture resources and Bible tools to 1,111 lay preachers and students, across seven provinces. These resources are a comprehensive set of tools including the Chinese Study Bible and various Bible commentaries and concordances. It is estimated that every individual who receives these tools may benefit up to a further 800 people in their lifetime.

In Lebedyn, Ukraine, the summer camps bore much fruit as they explored ‘Identity in Christ’ with many non-believing children and young people. Six young people were baptised and have started a small group together as they grow in faith. Due to the funding, autumn camps also ran for the first time and Christmas plans are now gathering momentum. Children and young people facing severe poverty and, in many cases, neglect have been provided with clothes, food, love and spiritual input that is changing their lives for the better. They continue weekly contact with members of the church who serve them in whatever way is needed. Small miracles are seen regularly as the extended community experiences God’s love and connects with the Church family.

It has been a privilege to support churches around the world as part of the global family of Christ. Thank you for all your generosity.

If you would like to support the ministry of Essential Christian via a one-off gift or to become a financial partner through monthly giving, then please see our Partners’ page for further information.

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