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Easter 2024

Kids and youth registration OPEN

February 16, 2024

You can now register your kids and young people for their programmes. Everyone under 18 has to register before attending – do it online and save time. (Then you can go swimming when you arrive at Butlins!)

We hope you find the process straightforward – it’s important that we have emergency contact details, safe pick-up procedures and information about any allergies or additional needs so we can look after your children as carefully as possible.

If your children are nervous, you can come and visit the venues on arrival day before the programmes start, at times that will be detailed in the programme.

Day visitors should also register to join the groups.

SH Youth 11-16

There are some really exciting changes to the youth programme this year that we think you and your young people should know about.

SH Kids 0-4 in the Nursery 

Andrew and Christine Jervis in Minehead and Katy Herrera-Fonseca in Skegness, along with their teams, are looking forward to welcoming your little ones. Your child can be registered for one of the two morning sessions. In Minehead there is a Stay and Play session in the afternoon. Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 

Please come to the venue on Monday from 3.00pm in Skegness or from 4.00pm in Minehead. In Minehead you can come to the Nursery and watch The Gathering celebration (7-9pm) whilst your children play (pyjamas optional). Unfortunately this will not be possible in Skegness this year.

SH Kids 5-7

Powerpack in Minehead (The Marquee) and Whizz Kids in Skegness (Lakeside) will give you a week to remember. 10.00am-12.55pm (doors open at 9.45am). Bring a named drink and snack.

SH Kids 8-11

Sam Hughes and team in Minehead (Quayside venue) and Virtual Sunday School in Skegness (Reds venue) will help you worship, learn and laugh together. 10.00am-12.55pm (doors open 9.45am) and 7.00-8.45pm (doors open 6.45pm). Bring a named drink and snack if you’d like.

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