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Easter 2025

Making Spring Harvest 2023 more affordable

August 25, 2022

Times may be tough right now. You may be feeling the pinch. We know that your finances might be spread thin over the Autumn into Winter. We want the Spring Harvest Easter events to be accessible for anyone regardless of their personal situations, especially at a time when prices are going up everywhere. That's why we want to highlight several ways of paying for Spring Harvest that is easier on your bank account.

Read on to find out what we've done to make Spring Harvest 2023 more affordable for EVERYONE.

Important note: at the time of publication, our event in Minehead is sold out. Skegness has plenty of availability though.

1. A low deposit and pay later

You only need to pay an initial deposit of £35 per adult and £20 per child aged two to 14. The full booking fee is due 70 days before the start of the event. That means you pay a small amount now and then the rest after Christmas. The final payment date in 2023 is January 30th.

2. Spread the payments out

If you want to pay a little bit towards your booking every month you can spread out payments. Making a payment couldn't be easier. It is quick, safe and secure, enabling you to make an instant payment towards your booking. You can make payments at any time and for any amount, whenever it’s convenient for you. However, Remember that final payment is due 70 days before the events start.

The booker is the only person who can make an online payment. If you have booked in with a group please talk to your group organiser about staged payments. If you're the booker for a group or an individual booker and you've already paid your deposit and you want to make a part payment, tap the button below.

3. The 'Everyone In' Fund

We offer financial help to guests on a low income to join us at Spring Harvest. Funds come from gifts given by our guests and are limited. The fund is named 'Everyone In' because we want everyone to be able to join us in either Skegness or Minehead. There are several conditions that allow guests to be eligible for financial help. Read more here:

4. Discounts

Take advantage of several discounts we offer. They include:

  • Under two years of age go FREE.
  • The Group offer – One FREE place for every 15 guests over the age of two years of age (16th guest is free).
  • £20 saving from all booking fees for all children aged two to 14 years of age.

Have you booked yet?

There's still time to book for Spring Harvest 2023. With all four of those payment features making Spring Harvest 2023 more affordable, we want to encourage you to book in early.

We're so excited to be meeting together again. Our events this year were a joyous reunion. So many people were blessed. Don't miss out on a transformative, restful and inspirational time away with us next April.

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