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Easter 2025

Minehead Resort News 2024

March 14, 2024

There’s a little bit of news to share about the Minehead resort this year.

Watch this video for all the details.

Alternatively, the text version is available below.

You may not know that Studio 36 was built at speed during the pandemic – it turns out it has worked well for Butlin’s and for us. This year, building work is happening to make it permanent (the same work was done in Skegness last year). So, for one year only, we’ll be using a gorgeous Big Tent for some of the big sessions. It’s not a tent we’ve had before, it’s a new one that’s really well-shaped to give us a great experience of worshipping together and a fab atmosphere, complete with raked seating for a great view. Hooray!

The tent will be behind the West Lakes Village, and next to it will be a smaller tent where the 5-7 year olds will have their programme. The 0-4s and 8-11s are in the dining room block near the middle of all accommodation – so the distances for parents to travel for drop off and pick-up are not too far. The Big Tent will have toilets nearby, wheelchair access and an accessible toilet, and the all-important places to get coffee and other refreshments.

We would say the walk from the Skyline to the Big Tent is about 10-minutes to stroll, and quicker than that if you march a bit, or have wheels. 


We think carefully about accessibility and so, if your accommodation is too much of a trek to the big tent, you have other options. This year we have an alternative to Big Start running in the Skyline at 9am, so you can start the day there for worship and prayer with Nick and Ali Herbert and 247 prayer. Then our Bible Teacher, Lucy Peppiatt, is repeating the ‘Thinking it Through’ session from the tent, during the later morning session in the Skyline, so you can hear the same great content from either location. And then for the evening celebration, you could choose to go to The Pursuit in Centre Stage, Unplugged in the Skyline, or watch the relay from The Gathering in the tent either in Inn on the Green, or online on your device wherever you have an internet connection. (And some chalets may still have chalet TV.)

We’ve worked hard to make sure everyone is included, and we hope you have an amazing time and meet with God wherever you are. Sometimes it’s in the surprising places, right? See you soon!

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