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Easter 2025

Spring Harvest 2022 Testimonies

June 1, 2022

In 2022, Spring Harvest Easter events came back to Butlin’s in Skegness and Minehead after two years of online events. It was a powerful and emotional reunion of the church.

Here are some 'Wow' moments from our guests!

Seeing my son who has always been shy and not interested in joining in with worship, standing at the front of the all-age dancing his little heart out


When the music quietened, and it was just the voices of god's people in worship in whatever language they used.”


There were so many Wow moments. In the lead up to serving at Skegness in the youth venue, my friend Gina told me she became a Christian at Spring Harvest and also found her gift of and passion for evangelism. I got excited to see God do it again. and He did! Night one in Skegness, in the 11s-14s venue, 52 young people gave their lives to Jesus!!! Over the week we got to see God bring hope into their lives and ignite passions in their hearts. My wow moment was a young girl who asked God to show her if singing is something she should do. Not knowing this we spotted her voice in our workshop and encouraged her. She told us that was an answer to prayer. How amazing is that!” 

Sammy Jabangwe

I felt the power of The Holy Spirit on my own while watching Spring Harvest Home on my iPad


Referring to a teaching session in studio 36 - My wife and I with tears streaming down our faces -the teaching reached into my heart in a way that it hasn't been reached since before the pandemic


The little boy in my group in 8s-11s who told his mummy he had decided to donate his life to Jesus


Finally being able to take my daughter (who was born just before first lockdown) and husband to one of the most important things of my life! And watching her dance in the all age! Made my heart sing after the first 2 years of her life being so strange!”


The whole thing - It was such a blessing to come to Spring Harvest 2022. We came away encouraged, inspired and spiritually refreshed. Our children had a great time and I know for one of them it was a significant time. We'll be back!”


For us as a family there was a moment when in the children evening worship and story time in 5-8 venue the leader asked if anyone had been touched by the Holy Spirit and our 6 year old. Out her hand up. We were surprised and thrilled and asked her about it.  She said she found that she was praying a lot and that must be the Holy Spirit. It was great to have that conversation

Rev Chris Lee

For me, going to Spring Harvest 2022 was like a little glimpse of heaven – it’s a place where God’s people of all denominations and from several different countries all join together to worship, pray, listen, and learn together


This year I’ve restored and renewed my relationship with God and that’s been a powerful experience. My heart is full and I’ve come home feeling different. This is a new chapter for me in my faith journey


Seeing my children having the time of their lives and growing closer to God. I’m just so grateful we got to go


We run a beaver group in a secular setting, and were able to invite them into the church building to watch a Spring Harvest Home session. We sang Great Big God, toasted marshmallows over the fire pit and gave them an amazing experience of being in church


The teaching was amazing, the worship was amazing, being away with my family was amazing, God is amazing!!”


On the last morning of Big Start 2022 some children were invited to come and dance and sing onstage with the team. One little boy in particular caught my eye. As the music started for the Big Start Theme Song there was no holding him back in worship. He gave his all in every jump of a leg, spin of his body and swing of an arm. It reminded me of David in The Bible as he danced undignified for God! 

This was a huge reminder to me that God calls us to be His children, worshiping him with all we have got! And my goodness does he love seeing it when we do! Pure JOY!" 

Martha Shrimpton

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