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Easter 2025

Studio 36 in Minehead

March 27, 2023

Please note – there will be NO SEAT SAVING ALLOWED IN STUDIO 36 IN MINEHEAD.

Allow us to elaborate. It is great news that the resort is completely packed in Minehead – there will be a great buzz. We are aware that this can cause problems with queueing. We’ve done all we can to mitigate for this, including opening the dining rooms for longer and spreading the times of sessions out.

You can help, too! Why not try something different? We often find that guests in Minehead have been to Spring Harvest many times before and imagine things to be just the same as always. This is not the case. Studio 36 is a wonderful space, but it seats fewer than the old Big Top. We’ve changed the programme accordingly. So we don’t  expect everyone to automatically choose the same session-times they always have. You won’t be missing out and may discover something new that you love.

There are two morning Bible teaching sessions to choose from, both will be fantastic. They happen one after the other at 10.00am and 11.45am. If you can’t get in at 10am, the second one will be just as good. Both will be relayed to Inn on the Green and to the Chalet TV (where it’s available). There are also several other teaching and practical sessions happening at both 10.15am and 11.45am that we highly recommend, in the Skyline, the Marquee and around the site. You could attend those instead or as well.

There are now four evening celebrations to choose from, with more capacity overall than ever before. The Gathering at 7pm in Studio 36 is only a small part of everything happening – the quality will be great in all the venues and you’ll get the same content with some variety of style. If you find Studio 36 is full, there is time to head to the Skyline for Unplugged at 7.30pm or Centre Stage for The Pursuit at 8pm. The worship, hosting and speaking teams are all exceptional and speaking to the same topics.

When any venue reaches full capacity according to safety regulations, we cannot allow anyone else in. Please be kind to our stewards if this happens. They are doing their best to keep us all safe. In order to bless our stewards (we’d love them to be treated well and to volunteer again!) we will not be able to allow anyone to save a seat for anyone else in Studio 36. We have found that when people save seats, they often remain empty, particularly if the venue reaches capacity because people are standing at the back. There is no easy way to keep a record of empty seats, and to know who to let in to fill each one.

We are aware that this will be disappointing to some who want to save a seat for their spouse dealing with children, or a friend from their group. Unfortunately, there is no system that will keep everyone happy. Someone can join you in the queue, but if they are not there when you pass through the door, then you will not be able to save a seat for them. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we try to help everyone to have an enjoyable week.

We look forward to welcoming you, and hope you find plenty of content to choose from at all times of day.

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