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Long Read: Does Jesus command us to pray for people in prison?

Prison Fellowship

This year, Spring Harvest in collaboration with Prison Chaplaincy UK and Way-Out TV was live streamed into over 74 prisons up and down the country. We were so excited to reach out to thousands of prisoners (through their televisions) with the life changing love of God.  

It got us thinking. God calls us to pray for our neighbours, our friends and our families. But what does he say about prisoners? In a society that has a tendency to isolate, marginalise and ‘cancel’ others when they do bad things, let’s explore a different response based on the teachings of Jesus in the Bible. 

Here we speak to Prison Fellowship, a 3000 strong voluntary Christian organisation that supports the work of Prison Chaplaincy UK. Prison Fellowship work with prisoners and their families offering practical care and support as well as developing a Christian ministry. We ask them the question, Does Jesus command us to pray for people in prison?”

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