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2023 Youth programme changes

February 16, 2023

We’ve been thinking carefully about how to give young people at Spring Harvest the BEST POSSIBLE experience and, of course, amazing opportunities to meet with God. So we’re trying quite a lot of new things this year. If you’ve been before (or even if you haven’t) it’ll help to know this in advance.

If you’re 14, you can choose which group to go to in the mornings. If you’re 16, you can choose where to go in the evenings. Some prefer to wait longer, others prefer to move on. It might depend on your school year, or friends or family members you really want to be with (or avoid!)

We’re dividing up the morning so you won’t spend all your time in the same room. We hope it will give you more opportunities to get a wider choice of content in smaller groups, without losing the ‘big room’ moments.

10.00am – 11.15am 

If you’re 11-14, you will join the ‘Big Meet’ in Centre Stage, with Bible teaching, worship and more. (Run by the youth team, with worship from Elle Limebear in Skegness and Gas Street Music in Minehead.)

If you’re 14-18, you can choose from four breakout sessions just for you: sport, music, art or teaching and discussion. The full details for these will be available with the event programme as soon as it’s available.

11.45am – 1.00pm Time to swap.

14-18s get their ‘Big Meet’ in Centre Stage. It will be run by your own youth team, but with the same excellent worship bands.

11-14s have the opportunity to break out into sport, music, art or teaching and discussion topics. As above, details will be released as soon as we can.

Additional Needs

If you find moving venues is a big challenge, you’ll be very welcome to stay in Centre Stage all morning – the content will be different. However, the Additional Needs team will also be willing to help you move around the site to other sessions and look forward to finding out how to support you.


As well as some Spring Harvest content we think you might enjoy (like a visit from Leah McFall from The Voice in Minehead and a Parkour workshop in Skegness) there’s all the usual Butlins fun including free swimming and the free fairground. This year the youth team are also hosting a bowling tournament so bring your competitive nature!


In this time slot, 11-16s get together for an evening celebration in your own venue. There’ll be brilliant content of all kinds including worship and talks. But if you’re finding it a bit much, there’ll be a youth team member to guide you to a chillout space.


We’re encouraging everyone 16+ back to Centre Stage for The Pursuit. There’s a later start and the same worship band from the morning will be there. Special guests will join the youth team for an even bigger and better celebration space to connect with God and be inspired in new ways. Please note that this celebration is open to everyone over 16, so there will be a good number of adults in the venue. It’s your call whether you allow your parents to come in or tell them that they need to go somewhere else!


You might enjoy any number of the fun things lined up for After Hours – like music and comedy gigs and more, but there’s also your very own youth hangout space called The Base with people to meet and stuff to do.

DON’T FORGET – if you like to talk to people, you can enter our Youth Preaching Prize in association with APPologetics and Dr Amy Orr-Ewing. Send in a 5-minute talk before the end of February and you could be delivering that talk to guests at the event, not to mention taking home a £100 cash prize!

We hope this has been a helpful run down of what the day will look like – we’re getting ready to give you an epic few days.

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