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BOOKING OPENS JUNE 8th – Everything you need to know

June 1, 2022

Bookings open for Spring Harvest 2023 in a week’s time! Circle the 8th June on your wall calendar, add it to your phone calendar, set alarms, write the date on a post it note and stick it on your fridge door…

In preparation, we wanted to detail some vital information to get you all ready and in the know. If you have questions, we’re just about to answer them.

When/what time does booking for Spring Harvest 2023 open? 8am, 8th June, 2022. You can use this link to get to the booking page quickly when booking opens. If you want to book on the phone use 0330 100 9330 (except for groups and adapted units).

I need an adapted accommodation type, do I need to do something different? For adapted units use: Minehead – 0330 100 9332, Skegness – 0330 100 9331.

Why do I need to book early for Spring Harvest 2023? There are two reasons: 1. To secure your first choice of accommodation. There are limited numbers of accommodation types so to secure the one you really want, get in early! 2. To take advantage of our Early Bird prices. They’re valid until 31st July 2022.

What’s the best way to book for Spring Harvest 2023? Although you can book via the phone, we would encourage you to try booking online instead. Both methods are easy processes but if you book via phone be prepared to wait in a queue for a short time. Thousands of people book into Spring Harvest every year. Booking online is very easy, quick and hassle free. Of course, both methods work, we just don’t want you to have to wait.

How do I book a group in to Spring Harvest 2023? If you are a group organiser or it’s your first time bringing a group of people, firstly THANK YOU. We don’t have favourites but if we did you would be one of them. To book in groups of 16+ use: Minehead – 0330 100 9332, Skegness – 0330 100 9331. You’ll need to phone to book rather than going online.

Do you have any promotional material I can use to share Spring Harvest with my church/friends/small group/non-churched friends? YES here’s a link to our Group Organiser Packs section on our website: Bring a group to Spring Harvest 2023 - Spring Harvest. We also have a new video that you can show them.

Check it out here: Promo Video

If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQ section. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, call our customer service line and we’ll do our best to help.

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