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Restore Renew Rebuild explained

June 9, 2021

If you follow us on social media, (and if you don't, you should!) you might have seen four videos from Cris Rogers, Chair of the Spring Harvest Planning Group, telling you all about the theme for 2022:

Restore Renew Rebuild

We wanted to introduce you to the theme before bookings open 8am 15 June, so you can get a taste for what we'll be exploring together when we meet in April. The event theme is something we’ll be diving into over the week, finding out what God’s heart is for us in a new season.

Restore Renew Rebuild is all about reimagining what the church looks like in a post pandemic landscape. But it’s not just about our churches. We’ll be talking about restoring, renewing and rebuilding communities, friendships and family relationships too. God has so much to say to us and we can’t wait to unpack that with you all.

Let's recap and listen to Cris again below. 

You can watch all four videos as Cris delves into each word individually on our YouTube channel, by clicking below.

Remember, bookings open 8am 15 June. We can’t wait to be back together with you worshipping under one roof! To make sure you don’t miss out on this Spring Harvest reunion, book early

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