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We need to talk about pornography (Long Read)

Ian Henderson

We need to talk about pornography. Why? Because it may be one of the biggest challenges the global church is facing in the 21st century. But talking about it is hard. It’s uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing, it’s not a family friendly topic. 

But that is exactly why we need to talk about it. For as long as pornography stays as a taboo subject, people will continue to struggle. “But it doesn’t affect me” is an understandable response but it may be stopping us from dealing with this issue as the church.  

Don’t click away. This may be one of the most important things you read today. 

It may be shocking to find out that: Three-quarters of British men (76%) say they have watched porn, compared to around half of women (53%). Around a third of men (36%) say they watch pornography at least once a week, including 13% who watch porn every day or most days, while just 4% of women say they watch porn at least once a week.

YouGov, July 2022

Watching pornography is particularly an issue for men, young and old. “While 62% of men under 30 say they watch porn, this remains as high as 52% among men in their 50s. Even for men in their 60s and older, a third (34%) say they watch pornography.”

YouGov, July 2022

The chances are, if you personally don’t struggle with pornography, you will know someone who does. They may be a friend, work colleague or family member. But we may think that this issue doesn’t affect Christians as much as atheists or agnostics. Sadly, this isn’t true at all.

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